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Euro 2012 betting preview - Group D - Sweden 1/2

The Swedish team are covered today in our next Euro 2012 betting preview. The Scandinavians are making a habit of qualifying for major tournaments, and this time around they have been drawn into group D. The group is a difficult one, as they will face France, England, ...


Euro 2012 betting preview - Group C - Spain 2/2

In this article we look at the Spanish team's world class midfield and attacking players, consisting of well known names such as Iniesta, Xavi, Fabregas, Torres, Villa, etc. In the previous article we looked at their defence and the Euro 2012 betting odds available, ...


Euro 2012 betting preview - Group C - Spain 1/2

We continue our Euro 2012 betting preview with the third country in group C, namely Spain. As we all know, Spain are the current European Champions and World Cup holders. They sit at the top of Fifa's ranking system and are playing some fantastic football. ...


Euro 2012 betting preview - Group C - Croatia 2/2

In the previous Euro 2012 betting preview article, we covered the Euro 2012 odds available on Croatia plus looked at their key players in defense. If you have not already read it, you can read it here. Below we continue our coverage by taking a look at Croatia's ...


Euro 2012 betting preview - Group C - Croatia 1/2

We continue our Euro 2012 betting preview and take a look at Croatia this time, currently ranked 8th in the world by FIFA. Croatia is in group C along with Ireland that we in the previous article, and the two teams that will prove very difficult to beat, Spain ...


Euro 2012 betting preview - Group C - Ireland 2/2

In the last Euro 2012 betting preview article we focused on available Irish Euro 2012 betting odds and their die hard defense. You find that article HERE. This write up focuses more on the midfield and attacking options that the Republic of Ireland brings to the ...


Euro 2012 betting preview - Group C - Ireland 1/2

This Euro 2012 Betting preview is focusing on the Republic of Ireland. The Irish has qualified for their 1st finals since 2002. We find them in a very tough and competitive group C. Italy, Spain and Croatia will for sure give Giovanni Trappatoni, who turned out ...


Hockey betting – Preview of Group A top prospects for the IIHF 2012 World Championships

This preview focuses on the top dogs of Group A. This group is being played in Helsinki, Finland. Our previous article on the teams thought to place 5-8th is found HERE. We hope you will enjoy your hockey betting after having read our little piece. Be sure to stay ...


Hockey betting - Preview of Group B top prospects for the IIHF 2012 World Championships

Your hockey betting trigger finger is probably getting impatient. The World cup is soon upon us. You have hopefully enjoyed our previous article reviewing the 5-8th candidates of the Stockholm group (Group B). If you haven’t read it yet, you find it HERE. ...


Hockey betting preview 1 IIHF World championship 2012 Group B

In our previous hockey betting preview we focused on expected placings 5-8 in Group A. You find the article HERE. Now we move on to the percieved 5-8 placings of group B. If you want some hockey betting success during this 2012 IIHF World Championships we suggest ...


Hockey betting preview 1 IIHF World championship 2012 Group A

This hockey betting article covers Group A of the IIHF World championships of 2012. Group A consist of Finland, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Slovakia, Belarus, France and Kazakhstan. The matches are all being played in wonderful Helsinki where a hockey loving home ...


Hockey betting: World Championship introduction

All hockey betting enthusiasts can look forward to high paced action as the World Championship is soon to get underway. The fun begins on May 4th, and lasts until the 20th. In other words, we are in for plenty hockey betting treats. The championship is co-arranged ...


Basketball betting - what bookmaker to choose

The NBA and other basketball leagues are both a very large market for sports bettors. For the North American punters as the football seasons wind down sports gamblers change their focus and turn over their money in basketball betting instead. Europeans, South Americans, ...


Football accumulator tips

One of the most important things we can deliver to you is football accumulator tips. Some of you reading this probably will be tearing your hair right now and screaming at the screen. Yes, we know; most professionals laugh at accumulators. We would normally not ...

By howtobet on January 26, 2012 in Football, Sports

Football predictions for today

Football predictions for today and pretty much every other day is what we live and breathe for here at Why? Doesn't that mean we miss out on all the fun? Won't the odds on the really juicy pieces of betting bacon have changed a lot already? ...

By Ronny on January 26, 2012 in Football, Sports
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