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Israel v England U21

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Israel v England U21
European Championship U21, International
full time result Israel 4.75 Bet at B
Betting prediction was written by Ronny

Israel v England U21 predictions and betting tips

I'm going to keep this short and sweet!

I rate England several notches above this mediocre Israel side. But England are knocked out of this U21 European Championship and back in England, blame is already being thrown in all directions. Most likely this is the last game of coaching dinosaur Stuart Pearce (Some may say: Finally!). Stuart Pearce has signalled he will tinker with his team here as well. Most likely this game will be a chance for the younger players in the England setup to show what they're about.

Israel still have an academic chance of qualification. Kabha will still miss out for them, but other than that they're expected to field their best 11.

The bottom line: I'm not so sure the England side will be motivated to give their all here. Even if things are hotting up back in England. Perhaps they're favorites to win even if they only give 90%, but I have a sneaky suspicion they're more thinking about vacation on a nice beach with bottle service and some hookers. Also, their clubs back home want to protect their investment, so surely Pearce are now under pressure to spare several of the stars.

4.75 (15/4) are huge odds for the home side in this scenario. I am willing to gamble some on that with BET365. Click on the button below to join in on the bet!

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