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Soccer betting for beginners – Important factors part 3 – Head to head

By Admin on August 1, 2012 in Football, Sports

Soccer betting is being broken down step by step and our bet tips are delivered daily with success. We trust you have enjoyed our previous soccer betting articles for beginners about the importance of the league table and form.

Now we turn attention to historical encounters between the sides, or in betting lingo; head to head analysis. In our opinion this is another straight forward factor you must master when making soccer betting decisions.

The good news

For Soccer betting, head to heads can be a good indication that a team has a psychological, physical or strategic edge over its opposition. Many bet selections will be based on this factor when we present a tip worth betting on. An example: If you see the underdog over time clearly is faring better versus the favorite than the odds indicate, then you might be onto something valuable. One funny observation we have done while being in the business is that no matter what theory dictates; clubs do seem to have a bogey-team or two. This includes the truly world class teams occupying champions league spots in Europe’s top leagues. An example of a the presence of a bogey-team is when a club gets more points out of a fixture over time than the pre-game odds and all leading soccer betting indicators have us thinking.

Soccer betting party poopers

There always seem to be some party poopers around when you are in the process of picking bets. Especially when you think you have found a juicy one to place your money on. Along comes the information that tells you to walk away from the bet and yet another day without any action passes by. When we compile our soccer betting tips, this is the tune we hum to all day and all night, trust us.

If you hold your money dear, then this is not a bad thing at all. Rather think of the party pooping information as a safety vent of sorts. Walking away from bets, either by completely avoiding placing the bet or by trading parts of the stake on a betting exchange if new information becomes available is probably the most important trait of a successful professional bettor. If trading parts of your pre-game stake sounds like a mystery to you, don’t worry, we will cover this in another article

If you have read our other beginner articles, by now you know this is all about maximizing your money, either for profit or leisure. We appreciate this is not easy to grasp fully as learning how to bet in many ways contradict general human nature. The brutal discipline aspect and complete shut-out of any and all biases clearly seem deciding for profit over time. That said; stay with us and learning how to bet from A-Z will be your reward.

Change of coaches and/or other key personnel

This should be fairly intuitive. Let’s assume Team A has changed the coach responsible for the playing system every other year. First; obviously team A could still be that much better or worse than its opposition that it did not really have any impact on the data as it is business as usual. That aside, otherwise; how could you read something out of the head to head statistic? Think of this as the mentioned safety vent. In this case it led you to stay away from a bet you otherwise would have made without significant edge.

Also when key players are sold, suspended, injured or retired this can impact the game. You would argue the system prevails and no player is bigger than the club. Sure, for the clubs with plenty of money this is truer than if a small club lose their talisman or senior top players in a short space of time. It may not be the most massive blow to the head to head statistic but it would have to be interpreted in the light of the finding, and it has to be given some weight in your soccer betting decision making. Keep in mind; a lot of small edges over the course of a year really can make a difference in your luxury budget.

Motive in soccer betting

When you soccer bet, be a copper; look for motive. Maybe the teams met at the end of the season with at least one of the clubs out of any race. Perhaps, they didn’t, but it is definitely in your interest to know. This could be enough informative input to allow you to walk away from the bet now possibly offering inadequate odds. Money saved is money won when you count your pennies at the end of the rainbow.

Extreme situations

Once in a blue moon the weather gods have had enough with us and open the floodgates. Snow, rain, wind and the likes can dramatically change the pre-game odds. A game that looked like a soccer betting go-ahead based to head to head analysis quickly turns sour in this setting. From our experience we see that this often favor the underdogs or bets on the under, but this is material for another article and the subject will be discussed properly at another time.

The not so bitter end

We expect you have enjoyed this soccer betting article. If you did, please do share it with your friends. Don’t be shy. We would very much like to teach them how to bet too.

We understand that most of you actually do have real lives, and might not want to undertake all the work needed in order to become successful at soccer betting. Don’t worry its fine. Since we love what we do so much we do the work for you. We offer bet tips on all major and lots of smaller soccer leagues. You can simply choose to follow these bets or use them as background for further digging on the given fixture. No matter what your bet buds like, we got the flavor at


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