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Pinnacle Sports - general information

Being one of the largest betting companies in the world, Pinnacle Sports, also known as simply Pinnacle, is an online gaming site founded in 1998. Located on the island of Curaçao , it has spread to over 100 countries, having loyal customers, and being fully appreciated as an online sportsbook. Their main goal consists in offering the best possible odds and the highest betting limits, so that the customers have the chance to win substantially more with them than with any of their competitors, on any of the betting markets. Pinnacle Sports is a fully licensed company, regulated by the Government of the Netherlands Antilles, having as a main license condition the deposit of sufficient funds to honor all the balances and winnings of the customers, without delays. The precise address where their headquarters is situated, is the following: Pater Euwensweg 31, Willemstad, Curaçao. This sportsbook was the first to introduce a reduced vig model for betting, while the competition was still using the standard industry model. They were among the first to change their trading strategy by utilizing a highly technological process where the customers were profiled and odds were moved automatically based on the bets placed, and they are in the forefront when it comes to using alghoritms as part of their trading strategy.

Pinnacle Sports – Financial Matters

Being among the best sportsbooks, Pinnacle Sports always honors its payment in time, and have a very efficient dispute resolution. It records all the financial dealings the customers are doing and it archives them, being accessible all the time. Also, all phone conversations and online transactions are being followed and archived, too, so that the company can guarantee 100% the dispute resolution. All the financial transactions are done according to the internationally recognized standards of the bank institutions. Also, they have immediate withdrawal possibilities for their clients. Though the company information regarding finance and staff are kept private, it is believed that their annual handle consists of a few billions of dollars.

Pinnacle Sports – Usability

The company's website is pretty easy to navigate, having clearly stated menus and a user-friendly interface. All the results are accurate and shown in time, with good precision. Moreover, Pinnacle Sports is available in 14 different languages, and they have satisfied customers spread over several different nationalities. It is quite easy to find your way on their site, for you get precise information for each category you visit. Besides the clearly stated betting menu, available on the front page, you can also find valuable information on the current week's sports betting process.

Pinnacle Sports – Customer Service

If you can't find the answers to your questions in the help section, which offers guidance for registering an account, solving depositing or withdrawing problems or how to retrieve the log in details, then you can contact their customer service. There are different customer service sections on Pinnacle Sports, each specializing in their domain, in order to provide you with immediate answers to your problems. If you have problems regarding your account and betting issues, then you will receive assistance by e-mail, for it is a non stop service. Members should also include their full name, address and client ID when contacting them. If you want to contact the company for an advertising opportunity, then you can you can talk to someone from the advertising section, by simply sending a mail to the correct, specified address. Moreover, there are specified e-mail addresses for both media and affiliates, so you will receive prompt responses from competent people at Pinnacle Sports.

Pinnacle Sports – Payment options

Once you have opened an account, you can deposit and withdraw funds at Pinnacle Sports, depending on the chosen currency. You can choose from AUD, THB, USD, EUR, NOK, SEK, DKK, MYR, CNY, TWD, GBP, PLN, CAD, JPY, SGD, CZK, NZD and HKD. The minimum deposit is 50 USD or its equivalent and the minimum bet is of 1 USD. All your transactions are secured and you can get guidance by their customer service team if needed. Pinnacle Sports uses a 128-bit certificate-based encryption to help protecting all the personal information and transactions made by a customer. Also, you have a variety of deposit options such as Visa Electron, Maestro cards, both debit and credit cards, WebMoney, Bank Wire Transfer and many others, to make all the transactions easier for the client. When it comes to Pinnacle Sports withdrawals, they offer the quickest payouts online, working with WebMoney, NETELLER, MoneyBookers, INSTADEBIT, ClickandBuy, Bank Wire Transfer and EntroPay Virtual Card. They also have a customer support available at all times to help you with your withdrawals.

Pinnacle Sports – Odds and more

It is known that Pinnacle Sports take the lowest margins ever, which is why they offer you the best odds and better chances to win more money. There are two types available for the odds, the decimal and the American odds. The first ones are represented by a number of the potential return of a bet, including the stake amount. They are quite easy to calculate, for you enter a sum of money you want to play and the ticket automatically shows you the potential winning. On the other hand, the American odds are different, because they are represented by a negative number like -110, or a positive one as +130. The first one, the negative shows the amount of money you have to place as a bet, in order to win 100 dollars, while the positive number represents the profit you might gain when placing 100 dollars as a bet. Placing a bet on the negative odds, means you get to win the 110 dollars stake, plus your 100 dollars bet. But placing a bet on the positive odds you win more, if of course the team wins, for you get your 100 dollars bet, plus the stake of 120 dollars mentioned above. For more information please read Betting odds explained.

Moreover, Pinnacle Sports often provides a much better value than the exchanges, as you have to keep in mind that the betting exchange charge a commission of 5% on the winnings. Choosing to bet with this company, means that you won't be charged on winnings or other taxes, so you win more money. Though the range of markets is sometimes limited, especially when it comes to sports that are not American, the Pinnacle Sports company is much better than most of the other competitors. The company has about 103% from all the sporting markets which is a really good margin, but they still focus more on the American betting type of sports.

Another thing about Pinnacle Sports is the fact that they offer live betting, but don't have yet a mobile phone platform. They also don't provide live streaming, nor live chat, but they do have a customer service available 24 per day 7 days per week, for any questions or issues regarding to betting on Pinnacle Sports.

Pinnacle Sports - betting markets

Being one of the most known betting companies world wide, Pinnacle Sports has the best betting offers, for it has been the first to adopt a new betting type with discount vigs, rather than using the standard betting model. Having great odds at a reduced juice model, you will benefit from massive betting limits, no limit collars and also fast payouts. The idea is that they try to turn over as much as possible on as many markets and objects as possible, then be profitable on that turnover with a small margin. This, rather than having a low vig and aiming only for the leisure punter segment. The hold might look nice in percent, but ask those in the know; they will tell you turnover is the way to go if you count your profit in dollars and cents.

Being a fully licensed and regulated company, Pinnacle Sports offers its clients only the best services when it comes to placing a bet. They have single bets, Asian handicaps, prop or special bets, future or ante post, parlays, teasers, buying points, horse racing and live betting.

To begin with, the single bets include sides, totals and moneylines. When two different teams, from a strength point of view, play, then the company offers a point spread on the team. That is the number of points that the favored team should win by, in the relevant game. The spread is then added to the winning team's score and so it is seen which team has won the game and the final score. The total or over/under betting refers to the wager on the total number of points scored by both teams. You can choose to bet on whether the total points are above or under the posted line. Another betting option is the moneyline. The moneyline expresses the odds on offer for one team to beat the other one. A team doesn't necessary have to win by a certain number of points here, it just has to win, for your bet to be paid out.

Moreover, you can also use the Asian handicap betting method. It is used in the football matches and it is represented by one or two point spreads or handicaps as they are also called, besides the initial moneyline (for more on Asian handicap see Asian odds explained). Another simple way of betting offered by Pinnacle Sports, is the prop bet which basically is a side bet or special bet (such as total points scored by a certain player). The futures / ante post bets are wagers placed on a certain team that you think might win the championship, at the start of a particular season (or often with updated prices during the season). Parlays represent another way of betting at Pinnacle Sports and they are a combination of several picks. In order to win, you have to predict correctly all of your selections. Teasers are like the parlay, only that you can adjust the spread in your favor, to have bigger chances of winning. For more information on parlays see What are parlays.

Pinnacle in the US market

A particular thing about Pinnacle Sports company, is its withdrawal from the US market, as it in 2007 announced that it would no longer accept any bets from US players. But in the end, the company made an agreement with the World Sports Exchange so that the US based clients would have an alternate way of accessing their website.

Betting markets - conclusion

To conclude, Pinnacle Sports the betting site is among the very best available, it has clients from over 100 countries and covers all of the most known markets. Also it is widely known that Pinnacle Sports offer low vig compared to most of the internet bookmakers in the sportsbook industry. This is simply just great stuff according to the sportsbook review team.

Pinnacle Sports - bonuses

The sportsbook review team had little trouble working out this one. The Pinnacle Sports bonus system is very simple to explain. It is simply some of the best odds on offer, without aggressive limits on winning players. Pinnacle Sports does not offer a sign up bonus, or any other bonus related to the sports betting product. We can understand that. When the juice is as low as 2-4% on 1X2 betting you haven’t got much leeway. If you are a serious punter who turn over a lot of money on sports week in and week out Pinnacle offer the best bonus possible: Great odds.

If you are a leisure punter, and feel good about receiving a bonus then perhaps Pinnacle is not your first choice today, but it should still be in your portfolio of betting companies. One day, when you wise up, (probably after studying all the content on and bonuses aren’t all that important any more, then Pinnacle Sports will be there for you.

Pinnacle Casino bonus

The Pinnacle Casino bonus is very straight forward, and make no mistake about it; the sportsbook review team is nodding, smiling and in full agreement on how the Pinnacle casino bonus is constructed.

You get a daily 0.3% Cash Back Reward.  This simply means that you get a 0.3% rebate each day for playing in the Pinnacles Sports casino win or lose. Other companies may have more attractive looking bonuses if you judge the book by its cover. That said; it is very hard to beat this 0.3% cash back casino bonus over time if you drop by the casino every now and then. High sum casino bonus variants offered by various online gambling operations often have high turnover demands attached. It is now uncommon to have to wager over 30-40x the bonus amount given before you can cash out any winnings. 0.3% cash back is much easier to relate to, and you have access to withdrawals any time you please. The opinion of the sportsbook review boys is that the Pinnacle casino bonus is worth a shot.

Pinnacle Sports - Live betting

The Pinnacle Sports Company is known to have the lowest vig and no limiting of winning players. Pinnacle Sports use the same low hold strategy even for their live betting selection. Applied to all of the available markets, you get to enjoy a very wide range of Sports and Leagues. If you are a live betting novice: Live betting allows you to bet in-play while the game is ongoing.

The Live betting interface

Perhaps a bit simple, and with a hint of yesteryear the Pinnacle live betting interface stares back at us from the screen. While most European books have gone for glam and glitter, Pinnacle has gone for low key and KISS (Keep it simple stupid). Given their more bang for your buck philosophy we can understand the thought, but the sports book review team would expect more from a market leader like Pinnacle.

Pinnacle Sports Live Betting on soccer

It's amazing how easy and seamless you can bet in-play on soccer with Pinnacle Sports. Live betting options are available for the German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, English Premier League, Italian Serie A, Champions League and many lesser leagues. Moreover, live betting is available for markets such as Half Time, Totals, Asian Handicap and many more.

Pinnacle Sports Live Betting for NBA

Pinnacle Sports low margins also make their presence felt in NBA live betting. With Pinnacle you can bet live on spreads, total points, money lines and much more at lines around 104%. Their betting odds strategy is solid. You optimize your chances of winning, when using the live betting from this company.

Pinnacle Sports Live Betting for Tennis

Tennis betting lends itself well to live betting as it is action packed and intense. Yet again Pinnacle Sports deliver a super product. Pinnacle Sports offer several markets on tennis betting live. Match odds, total games and game spread are three options found. If you, like us is a live betting fan you certainly can take your profit to a higher level choosing Pinnacle Sports. Their Money lines are often around 103%. That is tough to beat, even in today’s competitive climate.

Pinnacle Sports Live Betting for NHL

The NHL is followed by every hockey loving person. Pinnacle Sports offer in-play hockey betting as well. If you choose the hockey live betting provided by Pinnacle Sports, you again are welcomed by some of the lowest vigs on the market. It is not uncommon to see lines around 104% using this great service.

Pinnacle Sports Live Betting for MLB

As a baseball fan, you would probably want to earn more money while being entertained live on the pitch or in front of the TV. Pinnacle Sports offer you the opportunity. Again, with low vig and great markets Pinnacle Sports ranks as one of the top performers in online betting.

Pinnacle Sports Live Betting for Football

It is only natural that the world's most popular sports game can be bet in-play. Pinnacle sports know this sport perhaps better than anyone and their lines are not only priced to sell, they are incredible. If you haven’t tried Pinnacle Sports yet, you should.

Pinnacle Sports Live Betting - conclusion

Live betting at Pinnacle Sports allows you to increase your earnings potential compared to most of the competition. Given their no-limit attitude towards stakes and players it is an easy live betting choice for anyone wanting to turn over large sums of money on sports betting.


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