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Eurovision betting - review of the Semifinal 1 winners and their updated final odds

By howtobet on May 23, 2012 in Entertainment, Eurovision

The Eurovision betting is getting fast and furious with the first semi under the belt and the second one scheduled for tomorrow evening. The Eurovision betting odds available have changed quite a bit after yesterday’s performances.  Several countries have seen their betting odds slashed. 

We believe it is of massive help to have heard the songs live, so the scope of this article is to shed some light on the odds of the songs we have seen on TV. After all, this is how the final will be decided.

Semifinal 1

Betsson now offer odds of 30 (29/1) for Greece’s new Aphrodisiac: Eleytheria Eleytheriou. This pop-song with the classical eastern med beat has potential, but for us; the performer sang out of tune a little bit too often for this to become a bet for us.  We are thinking the votes were for the girl, not the song. Take a look at the video at youtube and you get what we are talking about. If you think that is enough to win it: Off to Betsson you go to take the juicy price now.

124/1 (125) is very high odds from Betsson on Hungary. This slow paced, pop-rock song with quite some drive performed by a very charismatic group called Compact Disco can hit a lot of austerity fighting Europeans in the heart. Far away from the normal winning variety of the Eurovision, but there is always a first for something and the odds Betsson offers is high.

Albania is sending Rona Nishliu, who we dare name “the voice”. There is obviously nothing wrong with her lung capacity and singing abilities! Her outfit on the other hand and choice of song seems a little outdated. Betsson do however tempt us with odds of 100 (99/1). For such a raw talent, it may be worth considering.

Romania has a catchy tune this time around. A lot of opa-opa and feel-good vibes hit us from all angles. The Moon walking bagpipes dude was something new to us, and in the midst of things Zaleilah had full control. The song was delivered with plenty of optimism and free from error. 19.50 at Betsson might be worth a bet as this song on the night, may have got what it takes.

Moldova was sent through to the final at the expense of Finland and perhaps Latvia. A cool, yet weirdly choreographed dance show coupled with a good performance by Pasha Parfeny obviously was enough to get at least the eastern European part of the televoters up from their chairs. Betsson price this tune at 45 (44/1). Given the optimism, the show and the support from the east, perhaps this is something to put some small money on.

Iceland gave it their all. We have seen this type of guy, girl and even a fiddle before, but there is just something about the mystique and the setting that spellbinds us all.  Grete Salome and Jonsi have great dynamics together on stage, and the audience gave them much love. Can it win? Yes! Will it? We have no idea. We do however know that the price Betsson has of 30 (29/1) is something that shouldn’t stand untouched.

Some like the daughters. Some like the mothers. Yet others prefer the singing Babushkas. The Russian grannies sang their hearts out, and won great response from the audience. The Tele-voters were out of their chairs too. So everybody dance; as Betsson offers 4.70. Come on and dance! This may not be the greatest song sung. But; if people can like a crazy frog, why not a bunch of weird old Russian ladies in ancient costumes? This will be a dance-floor hit this summer (remixed though we hope). It should also be “guaranteed” some 12-pointers of political reasons. Again, Betsson and 4.70 is just a click away!

Innocent looking: Ivi Adamou sings about La La Love from Cyprus. The young med girl is sure to get some points from dirty old men and more than a handful of youthful teenage guys ready to vote come Saturday night. The song is pure optimism and it’s all pink and candy. There is nothing wrong with pink and candy so the 29/1 (30) that Betsson offers get our attention. Actually; this is a song we have liked for a long time in the office so Ivi, our votes and bets are on you.

Ireland is again sending those hyper-charged, manic Jedward twins. This time though we suspect they mean business. Their song “Waterline” has a more than decent show attached to OK singing (they missed a few notes early on). The theme is sure to melt teeny hearts and granny souls. That said; we can’t help feeling there is something missing. The chorus seems a bit tame compared to the performance. Oh well; the audience loved them and they are through. Also; they get all the hype due to their erratic style. That will get them some pluses. At 21/1 (22), they seem like a very decent bet to us. Betsson will probably have to slash this one after we’re done with it!

Rounding it off

The Eurovision betting is a fantastic spectacle. The online betting operations are experts in sports betting, not Eurovision betting. When the Eurovision odds are released there is always a bit of anxiety in the air at the trading desk. After all; who knows! The preferences are many and ever changing. Add to that the traditional Eurovision politics issue and you got a mess betting odds wise. For us the punters that is good news however. We can exploit their lack of understanding, and punish them with well placed bets. We have chosen Betsson to be our Eurovision betting odds partner as this publicly listed Swedish bookie is providing a great Eurovision betting offer along with lots of other events to bet on, so if you do not have an account already make sure you register with them and start betting!

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