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How to bet on hockey

Learning how to bet on hockey can be a profitable and enjoyable experience provided you are aware of some very important factors. The list is long but the main ones are; travel, injury, history, and form. In this article we are going to discuss these factors ...

By Admin on August 1, 2012 in Hockey, Sports

How to bet on hockey - part two

First a little more background for the absolute novice learning how to bet on hockey; Ice hockey games consist of three periods. Most sports books set a puck line as well a money line on the game. Bettors also have option to bet on a game total, team total, as ...

By Admin on August 1, 2012 in Hockey, Sports

Hockey betting – Preview of Group A top prospects for the IIHF 2012 World Championships

This preview focuses on the top dogs of Group A. This group is being played in Helsinki, Finland. Our previous article on the teams thought to place 5-8th is found HERE. We hope you will enjoy your hockey betting after having read our little piece. Be sure to stay ...


Hockey betting - Preview of Group B top prospects for the IIHF 2012 World Championships

Your hockey betting trigger finger is probably getting impatient. The World cup is soon upon us. You have hopefully enjoyed our previous article reviewing the 5-8th candidates of the Stockholm group (Group B). If you haven’t read it yet, you find it HERE. ...


Hockey betting preview 1 IIHF World championship 2012 Group B

In our previous hockey betting preview we focused on expected placings 5-8 in Group A. You find the article HERE. Now we move on to the percieved 5-8 placings of group B. If you want some hockey betting success during this 2012 IIHF World Championships we suggest ...


Hockey betting preview 1 IIHF World championship 2012 Group A

This hockey betting article covers Group A of the IIHF World championships of 2012. Group A consist of Finland, Canada, USA, Switzerland, Slovakia, Belarus, France and Kazakhstan. The matches are all being played in wonderful Helsinki where a hockey loving home ...


Hockey betting: World Championship introduction

All hockey betting enthusiasts can look forward to high paced action as the World Championship is soon to get underway. The fun begins on May 4th, and lasts until the 20th. In other words, we are in for plenty hockey betting treats. The championship is co-arranged ...


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