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How to bet on hockey - part two

By Admin on August 1, 2012 in Hockey, Sports

First a little more background for the absolute novice learning how to bet on hockey; Ice hockey games consist of three periods. Most sports books set a puck line as well a money line on the game. Bettors also have option to bet on a game total, team total, as well various game and player props. As you know; ice hockey is a popular betting sport among many sports handicappers. Whether you are betting on the NHL, OHL, KHL or any other hockey leagues it is important you do your homework in every aspect of that word. Luckily for you, we are here to help you do it. In this article we are looking at more hockey betting factors. Be sure to read our previous article on how to bet on hockey as well.

The most common ways to win a hockey game

Out of all the variables that can affect the outcome of a hockey game the most mentioned one is that a team that effectively can shut down the other team’s offense has the best shot at winning or drawing a game. That said; hockey games are usually won by the team firing the most shots. Goals get scored by firing. The best very best teams will have a perfect balance between offensive play and defensive force. Be sure you analyze the defensive and offensive strength of the team and its players. Also, make sure you keep track of the fringe players as during the season they will get chances when the stars are left injured on the sidelines. Also, map and monitor how the various teams fare against each other. If you see one hockey style struggling vs another you might strike gold the next time that style match up is on again.

Example of a potentially profitable situation

When you break down a set of ice hockey matches you are bound to find something that will attract your betting interest. When learning how to bet; keep in mind what looks to be an edge doesn’t necessarily mean you should bet your house on it. There is always a chance your bet will lose. These edges however, provide you with an advantage to be exploited using proper money management guidelines (more on that in a separate article).

Here is an example of such an edge; if you handicap a match and notice that Detroit has a league leading power play versus Toronto who takes the most penalties in a game this is potentially a big edge.

Another example; if you see that the 6 of the last 10 meeting between Montreal and Ottawa have gone to overtime and been under the total these are two potential opportunities that require looking into. Overtime props on NHL games typically pay between 3.5 and 4-1. Teams that have hit OT and stayed under the total 60% of the time in the last 10 meetings provide potential success. However, a quantitative approach to betting is better than nothing but you got to look at the setting for the game this time around as well. Look for things that may be different from those 10 meeting you have analyzed.

Avoid the due factor

Many beginner bettors and even many long time bettors will play the due factor when wagering. What this means is if a team has lost 5 straight games some will say bet them to win until they do. Most of the time a Martingale betting system will be suggested. Avoid it at all costs. It is not unheard of that a team goes on a losing streak of eight, ten even twelve or more games. You do not want to be blind betting on anything. Make sure you do your homework, handicap the games, and find the edges that provide you with the best chance of winning money. Also read our article on the martingale betting system and you will realize stakes can escalate fast even if you really only are looking to win a small sum.

Hockey betting - rounding it off

The NHL season is a long one, it begins in October and the playoffs typically last until the end of June. Each team plays an 82 game schedule. As you can imagine there are many many opportunities for you to make money. You don’t have to bet every game every night, pick your spots. Following these simple guidelines will help you to become a better bettor. The other hockey leagues around the world are probably not as grueling, but they too are very long and provide lots of betting opportunities. Be sure to visit our bet tips section for hockey betting tips.

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