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Eurovision odds overview on countries qualifying from Semifinal 2

By howtobet on May 25, 2012 in Entertainment, Eurovision

Eurovision odds fluctuated once again after the second semi final in Baku. The punters can't stop eurovision betting and we aim to give you our two cents on the action with this article. You should also read our review of Semifinal 1. You can do that HERE. To set Eurovision odds is absolutely no easy task to compile. We have tried and tested that (with success). Obviously there are many different factors involved compared to traditional sports betting or other betting types. But now; let's get to work:

Eurovision odds - an overview

Lithuania's Donny Montell started off in ballad style, but shaked his leg with one handed wheels and well, interesting moves. A baltic gentleman who should get at least some eastern european hearts pumping, after all he does proclaim that Love is blind. If you think Donny boy has got what it takes you get a hefty 175 x your money at Betsson.

Bosnia & Herzegovina is sending Maya Sar to the show. Her Korake Ti Znam is priced at 175 x the money as well over at our Eurovision partner Betsson. If this is the year of ballads yet again she does have a chance. This song is a classic ballad, but we would have liked to hear a wider spectre in her voice.

Serbia has a song that should get plenty of votes from Balkan and surrounding areas. Željko Joksimović performs Nije Ljubav Stvar to perfection and will get points. 11x your money is what Betsson is offering, and this song is an outsider no doubt.

Ukraine is co-hosting the Euro 2012 and Be my guest, performed by Gaitana is sure to be a Half-Time hit at the Ukrainian arenas. This upbeat pop-song also has the potential to get many points from all age groups and sexes. If it hits home in Eastern Europe, be aware. It can go to the very top. Priced at 35 with Betsson, this one is hard to resist.

Sweden is the big favorite, there is no doubt about it. Euphoria, performed by Loreen is only going to double your stake at Betsson and we are a bit in doubt if it will be a hit with every single viewer of the show. Make no mistake about it; personally we love the song, but will the grannies and grand-dads hum a long? Time will tell. At this price we are not impressed.

FYR Macedonia and Kaliopi are an interesting one. With their rock inspired song they will for sure be able to attract some voters. Their song Crno I Belo was performed well. Their spice lies in that they are quite alone at delivering a rock product, and odds 90 at Betsson might be set a tad too high.

Norway's persian prince, Tooji delivered stay pretty much as we expected. The song has a catchy beat and Tooji is very charismatic. We could not however forgive the sour tones here and there. Furthermore it did not sound as if the voice carried this song as it should. Betsson offer odds of 35 x your stake.

Estonia's Ott Lepland can sing. His Kuula was highly impressive compared to most of the other ballads we have heard this year. The show is perhaps not the best, but his voice is amazing. 75x your money at Betsson smells like value. If the herd is in the mood for a ballad this is easily the one they go for.

Malta has shipped Kurt Calleja to Baku with a classic med pop song. This is the night will put the dance floors in Paceville on fire this summer. His performance was better than in the Maltese final, and the show was spot on. Once a 200/1 shot, you now only get 90x your money. If people is in a good mood come Saturday night, and pop is the thing that is still excellent odds. You find the odds at Betsson.

Turkey is priced at 35x the money with Betsson. Love Me Back performed by Can Bonomo is a traditional eastern med beat song with flair and lots of male ego masturbation. It definitely will get a lot of points from certain regions, but we do not think it will be able to go all the way. It does not have broad enough impact.

Round off

We wish you the best of luck for the Eurovision betting festivitas. The eurovision odds presented here is bound to fluctuate, keep this in mind. Just be sure to check out Betsson in order to find the best possible price on your favorite.



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