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Eurovision odds - Part Eight

By howtobet on March 7, 2012 in Entertainment, Eurovision

Four new countries have chosen their performers and songs now: Estonia, Lithuania, Spain, and Italy. In this part eight of our Eurovision article series we look closer at these countries and give you the videos and our opinions on the available Eurovision odds. Spain and Italy are among the 'Big Five' which means they are already qualified for the final. But do Estonia and Lithuania have what it takes to make it past the semi final and do well in the Baku final?

Eurovision odds Estonia winner

Ott Lepland from Estonia will sing the song "Kuula". It is a slow ballad, quite a good song and a good performance by the singer, but we are not sure if it is exciting enough to wow the audience. Majority of bookies are offering 33/1 to 40/1 and top price at the moment is 50/1.

Eurovision odds Lithuania winner

The song "Love Is Blind" will be Lithuania's contribution this year, performed by Donny Montell. It starts as a normal ballad but then ups the tempo in the last half. We have some mixed feelings about the quality of the performance, compared to the other performances in the contest then we have seen both better and worse. Best odds available at the moment is 100/1.

Eurovision odds Spain winner

Spain's contribution this year is by Pastora Soler and the song is "Quédate Conmigo". Pastora Soler was internally selected by RTVE and there is no doubting her singing abilities, and the song is quite ok. Overall Spain should do well, but the odds on offer (around 20/1) is not that tempting yet. UPDATE: Spain received a wildcard during the draw and have chosen to perform as number 19 in the final. They are already qualified for the final and being the 19th act in the final will increase their winning chances. Odds have been lowered as a result of this, you can still get top price 20/1 while most offer 14/1 to 16/1.

Eurovision odds Italy winner

After first confirming that the song would be "Per Sempre", the Italians have changed their mind and it will be the song "L'Amore È Femmina (Out Of Love)" that will be performed by Nina Zilli. Many are complaining that the previous song was better, but the (final) decision has been made by the broadcaster Rai together with the singer's music label. See below the new official Eurovision version of the song, as you can hear it is now in English. Odds have gone down quite a bit from 33/1 and you can now get 16/1.

We are constantly updating all the parts of this article series so make sure you check them all for the latest Eurovision betting odds, gossip and opinions:

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