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Eurovision odds - Part Eleven

By howtobet on March 19, 2012 in Entertainment, Eurovision

A couple of new songs have been released now, including the long-awaited song from United Kingdom. Does the UK song have what it takes to win? Continue reading our latest Eurovision odds article and see the video and our opinions.

Eurovision betting UK winner

Englebert Humperdinck will perform the song "Love Will Set You Free". It is a classic slow ballad that builds up nicely, and we think it is a decent song. But the question is, as with so many other songs in the contest, is it perhaps too slow and conventional to get the top votes? "The Hump" has during his 45+ year career visited many European countries, something he hopes will contribute to a win in the Eurovision. But most likely the many voters in the different countries will either vote for the songs that are similar to their own (and their region's) musical taste or vote based on relationship to the other countries, and a classic ballad from the UK might lose many votes because of this. Prices on offer was 25/1 earlier, you can get 20/1 now, but many have slashed down to between 10/1 and 16/1 following the release of the song. UK is directly qualified for the final, and will be the first to perform on May 26th.

Eurovision betting Belgium winner

From Belgium it will be Iris and the song "Would You". It is another ballad, quite nice but too conventional we believe and cannot see this one compete in the top. Prices on offer are around 100/1 to 150/1.

Eurovision betting San Marino winner

San Marino has released the song "Facebook, Uh, Oh, Oh" by Valentina Monetta. The European Broadcasting Union has confirmed that the song is not eligible for the contest due to the commercial references in the song (Facebook), and San Marino has a deadline until March 23rd to either rewrite the song's lyrics or deliver a new song. UPDATE: The new song "The Social Network Song (Oh Oh – Uh - Oh Oh)" has been released now, it's the same song as before only with changes to the wording. Top price is 200/1 at the moment.

Eurovision betting Azerbaijan winner

From the host nation it will be Sabina Babayeva who performs the song "When The Music Dies". The song is a decent ballad powerfully sung by Sabina, we like it, but doubt that it will stand out compared to the other ballads. Azerbaijan will be the 13th act (out of 26) in the final so no favours here and the live performance has to be really good in order to get the top votes. Odds on offer around 40/1.

Eurovision betting - end notes

That concludes part eleven of our article series, and we have now covered all the acts that will participate in the Baku finals! Stay tuned for our summary article, and remember that we will continously update the below articles with latest odds, betting tips and opinions.

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