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Eurovision odds - Part Five

By howtobet on February 22, 2012 in Entertainment, Eurovision

In part five we are going to look at Latvia, Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Macedonia, and Georgia. They offer an intriguing mix of songs, but how do they compare against each other and the western European countries, and more importantly does any of them have that extra needed to win? We study their songs and the available Eurovision odds and give you our opinions!

Eurovision betting Latvia winner

Latvia's Anmary will perform the ambitiously named song "Beautiful Song". Well, we are not sure if the song is really that beautiful, but it has a decent melody and is delivered in a quirky performance, so it should stand out compared to many of the other acts (that is, depending on which final live performance they decide for) and we expect it to be very hit or miss when it comes to the viewers. Some parts of the song work, some don't, will be interesting to see the voting reaction. Odds offered is up tp 150/1, one of the highest available, but still not high enough. UPDATE: Latvia has released the official video now, where some of the lyrics and the tempo has been slightly changed, see the new video below:

Eurovision betting Montenegro winner

Rambo Amadeus is going to perform the song "Euro-Neuro". The song and video was released on March 15th, and it will for sure be one of the most original and interesting acts in the contest. We believe it is too special to get many votes and would need higher odds than the 250/1 currently on offer. UPDATE: Some bookies have cut their prices and top price at the moment is 200/1. This is most likely due to the draw and the fact that Montenegro will perform first in the semifinal. Performing first gives them extra attention, though it is of course not as advantageous as performing last and does not tempt us into betting.

Eurovision betting Bosnia & Herzegovina winner

Bosnia and Herzegovina's contribution will this year be the song "Korake ti znam" performed by Maya Sar. The song has now been published on March 15th.  It is a classic ballad composed by Maya herself, a nice song it is, but most likely too bland/boring for most viewers. Most bookies offer 66/1 at the moment, though if you like the song you can get decent odds and by far the highest on offer at the moment - 100/1 with Boylesports.

Eurovision betting FYR Macedonia winner

From Macedonia we have Kaliopi who will perform the song "Crno E Belo". The song is a mix, first she plays the piano and then the song becomes more rocky. Kaliopi shows that she is very talented and performs well, but the question is whether or not this song has broad enough appeal to win. Odds available between up to 200/1.

Eurovision betting Georgia winner

Anri Jokhadze will perform "I'm A Joker". A joker indeed he is, though not in the positive meaning of the word. Perhaps the worst song to be confirmed until now. Odds available is 150/1, way too low. Will be interesting to see if any of the bookies are going to offer prices for zero points in total, maybe then would a bet interest us.

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