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Eurovision odds - Part Four

By howtobet on February 22, 2012 in Entertainment, Eurovision

In this part we are looking at the acts from Ukraine, Germany, Croatia, and Belarus. Will Germany's Roman Lob become the next Lena? Or will another Eastern European country take the win? Keep reading to find out, remember to watch the videos and make up your own mind about the songs. It is still early days and the odds market for the Eurovision winner is not set yet, but Eurovision odds are being offered by more and more bookies now so it is not too early to look around for great betting opportunities.

Eurovision betting Ukraine winner

The song "Be My Guest" will be performed by Gaitana. It is a very upbeat song with a good drive that could do well, we feel it fits quite well with the target audience. Many bookies offer between 20/1 and 40/1. But you can find some offering odds 66/1, worth considering a bet!

Eurovision betting Germany winner

Germany's Roman Lob will perform the song "Standing Still". It is a decent song by Jamie Cullum and a very good performance by Roman Lob. But we believe it is too traditional and not exciting enough to wow the viewers (especially the Eastern European countries). Germany is on of the Big Five countries and is directly qualified for the final. Odds on offer was 28/1, bookies have cut their odds now because it is clear that Germany will be last act in the final, top price is now 20/1.

Eurovision betting Croatia winner

Croatia's entry is the song "Nebo" performed by Nina Badrić. The song is a rather slow ballad, and although it is excellently sung by Nina we believe it does not stand out enough to be among favourite. Available odds are around 100/1 to 150/1 at the moment. The song will be sung in Croatian.

Eurovision betting Belarus winner

At first it was Alyona Lanskaya that would represent Belarus, this has now been changed as apparently the national final result was rigged. The President himself stepped in and announced that it will be Litesound that will perform with the song "We Are The Heroes". This song is perhaps a bit better than the former choice, but still not interesting enough to win. Odds on offer 100/1. A new version of the same song will be made specifically for Eurovision, and Belarus has hired a Greek producer with good Eurovision experience for this purpose. UPDATE: See below for the new version, it is now made into more of a pop song that the previous version. Is it better? We are not sure, but feel that the performance and especially the English pronounciation could be better.

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