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Eurovision odds - Part Nine

By howtobet on March 13, 2012 in Entertainment, Eurovision

Next up in our Eurovision odds coverage are the countries Moldova, Greece, Russia, and Slovakia. Russia and the grandmothers in Buranovskie Babushki are one of the favourites with the bookies, while the rock singer Max Jason Mai from Slovakia is not.. Take a look at their videos, read our opinions and see if you agree.

Eurovision odds Moldova winner

From Moldava it will be Pasha Parfeny and the song "Lăutar". The song is quite catchy and the performance quirky, but the quality is not that high and we doubt it will be popular enough to get the top votes. Odds on offer around 150/1.

Eurovision odds Greece winner

Eleftheria Eleftheriou will perform the song "Aphrodisiac". This is a dance song with a catchy chorus, but catchy enough to win? Bookies offer up to 66/1, we do not consider these odds that attractive, the song is a bit bland and unless the performance really stands out it will be difficult to get the top votes. If you were wondering if Cyprus will give 12 points to Greece this year also, we can inform you that Greece's singer was born and raised in Cyprus.. UPDATE: Odds have gone down a bit now, new top price is 40/1.

Eurovision odds Russia winner

The group Buranovskie Babushki will perform the song "Party for everybody". Both the song and the performance are indeed original and interesting, the group is a folk collective from the village of Buranovo and consist of grandmothers dressed in traditional costumes. Russia could get many votes due to the babushkas' charm and the originality of the performance, especially from Eastern European countries, but enough to win? Top price on offer is 7/1 at the moment and not attractive enough for us.

Eurovision odds Slovakia winner

Slovakia's contribution this year is the song "Don't Close Your Eyes" performed by Max Jason Mai. It is a rock song with a catchy chorus, and we expect the performance to be good too. Though this is probably not the type of song that gets a lot of votes, some viewers will like it very much, but we expect that it is too rocky for most. Odds on offer is around 125/1.

We are constantly updating all the parts of this article series so make sure you stay tuned for the next article or go back to previous articles and check the latest Eurovision betting odds, gossip and opinions:

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