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Eurovision odds - Part Seven

By howtobet on March 2, 2012 in Entertainment, Eurovision

Today we present to you the next three countries that have chosen their acts in the Eurovision finals, namely Netherlands, Slovenia, and Bulgaria. Slovenia's contribution looks the most interesting out of the three, but will they have a chance to win this year? Check out the songs from these countries and their Eurovision odds, and see if you agree with us!

Eurovision betting Netherlands winner

Joan Franka will perform the song "You and Me". It is a cute and catchy song, but it lacks in originality and we doubt it will do good against the more pop-type songs and the songs the Eastern European countries are more inclined to vote for. Odds available is around 100/1 and not tempting to us.

Eurovision betting Slovenia winner

Eva Boto won her national final with "Verjamem" and will represent Slovenia in Baku. The song is a powerful ballad and Eva Boto is a great singer, and although the song starts out slow (perhaps many will consider it too boring?) it has a great chorus and good finish. We hope it will do well, prices are at the moment between 50/1 and 66/1, if prices go up even more then a bet is worth considering.

Eurovision betting Bulgaria winner

From Bulgaria it will be Sofi Marinova and the song "Love Unlimited". Sofia's performance is quite good and the song is an upbeat dance song that could prove popular especially on the radio. As far as the Eurovision Contest goes, the song and performance are decent but the question is whether or not the act stands out compared to many of the other acts. Odds available 200/1.

We are constantly updating all the parts of this article series so make sure you go back and check the latest Eurovision odds, gossip and opinions:

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