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Eurovision odds - Part Six

By howtobet on March 1, 2012 in Entertainment, Eurovision

Since our last article several countries have been busy holding their national finals and selecting the performances that will represent them in the Baku finals. Keep reading, as in this part we give you the videos for Turkey, Austria, Ireland, and Finland, plus our opinions on them and whether or not you can find any attractive Eurovision odds out there yet.

Eurovision odds Turkey winner

The song "Love me back" by Can Bonomo is this year's contribution by Turkey. The song is very upbeat and quite catchy. It has a melody that can prove popular in Eastern Europe so it has good potential to get votes. But is it good enough to win? We think not - it should do ok, but we will be surprised if it gets enough votes to finish in the top two/three. Prices available are not that attractive, at the moment you can get 40/1 with some bookies.

Eurovision odds Austria winner

Trackshittaz will represent Austria with "Woki Mit Deim Popo". It is a hip hop inspired song that is fun and catchy, energetically performed by Trackshittaz, and with a glow-in-the-dark sequence where the dancers have costumes with strategically placed illuminated stripes (considering the song means shake your ass). But overall the performance does not work that well and this type of song may not be well suited for the Eurovision. We think that many will consider it to be an involuntary funny performance. Even though changes could still be made to both the performance and wording of the song, Trackshittaz might not advance past the semi finals.. Odds available around 100/1 to 150/1.

Eurovision odds Ireland winner

For the second year running, the Jedward twins will represent Ireland. In Eurovision 2011 they finished 8th, can they do better this year? The song "Waterline" is a catchy pop song, and the twins' performance is as infectious as ever. Odds have gone up and you can get around 25/1 at the moment. We think the twins will finish in approx same position as last year if not a bit worse, and do not consider the odds that interesting yet. UPDATE: Ireland got a wildcard for the draw and chose to perform last in their semifinal. This increases their chances of advancing to the final, and we will be very surprised if they do not advance. Some bookies have cut their prices a bit, but you can still get 25/1 with a few bookies, though not that interesting for us.

Eurovision odds Finland winner

Finland's Pernilla Karlsson will perform the song "När jag blundar" (in Swedish). It is a lovely ballad that, if placed between some of the more chaotic performances like Austria above, will be "like balm for the soul and blessing for the ears" (as one of the youtube commentators aptly said). We think it is much better than most songs in this contest, but doubt that it will have a broad enough appeal to win. Odds have gone up from 66/1 to around 100/1-150/1 at the moment, not that bad considering some of the other songs with similar or lower odds, but not high enough yet and we will wait until all the performers are ready and then reconsider. UPDATE: Finland will perform 9th in their semifinal, between Belgium and Israel. This will only increase their chances of going to the final. Prices seems to have been lowered by some bookies, but most offer between 66/1 and 100/1.

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