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Eurovision odds - Part Ten

By howtobet on March 13, 2012 in Entertainment, Eurovision

An additional four countries have chosen their acts now, in this part we take a look at Sweden, Serbia, Romania, and Portugal. Sweden was considered by most bookies as one of the favourites even before they had chosen their song, and now that the song is known their Eurovision odds have gone down even more. Continue reading to see the Swedish contribution and get the latest odds and our opinions.

Eurovision odds Sweden winner

The song "Euphoria" will be performed by the singer Loreen. Loreen was the favourite in the polls and with the bookies before the national final, and she did not disappoint. The song is a dance tune, very catchy and very Swedish. The performance is good too, and overall this looks like a clear favourite and far better than most of the other acts. The question is whether or not it is liked enough by the numerous Eastern European countries.. We do not doubt that a very upbeat and dance type of song should do very well, but Sweden has simply made a very good song that should do well with Scandinavia and northern/western Europe and not tried to add elements that will lure the Eastern European countries. Odds on offer around 9/4 at the moment, we agree it should be top favourite, but prices are too low to warrant any bet.

Eurovision odds Serbia winner

Željko Joksimović will perform the song "Nije Ljubav Stvar". It is a ballad that is well performed by the singer and that should do quite well in the contest. Zeljko presented the song in both Serbian and English, but has confirmed that it is the Serbian version that he will perform in Baku. Odds on offer is only 16/1, too low we believe, though this is one of the better ballads that should have a broad appeal. Serbia will be first to perform in the second semi final, not as good as being among the last to perform, but the song should be strong enough to advance anyway.

Eurovision odds Romania winner

From Romania it will be Mandinga and the song "Zaleilah". It is an upbeat pop song, not that bad, but we doubt it will be good enough for a top placement. You can get up to 66/1 at the moment.

Eurovision odds Portugal winner

Filipa Sousa will perform the song "Vida Minha". It is a decent ballad and a good performance, but we believe it does not stand out enough compared to the other acts and come voting time there will be other acts that the viewers remember better. You can get odds around 150/1 to 200/1.

Not many acts left to cover now, stay tuned for our next article!

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