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Eurovision odds - Part Three

By howtobet on February 21, 2012 in Entertainment, Eurovision

In this new part of our articles covering the Eurovision performers and their Eurovision odds, we will look at Albania, Israel, Switzerland, and Malta. Will Switzerland win and take the contest back to its birthplace, or maybe it will finally be the small island of Malta's turn to win? Continue reading and get our opinions and the latest Eurovision betting info plus watch videos of the performances.

Eurovision odds Albania winner

The song "Suus" will be performed by Rona Nishliu. If Eurovision was a singing contest only, then Rona would be one of the top favourites. The song is a powerful ballad performed with strong emotions and by a great singer, but most likely it will be perceived as too strange for many viewers and its appeal not be broad enough to take home a win. The odds on offer is around 150/1 and, as much as we would like to see this type of performance win, the odds offered should be even higher to be attractive. The final Eurovision version of the song is said to be a bit different from the video below, if the changes make it more commercially sounding then their winning chances should go up. It has been confirmed that the song will not be translated to English. UPDATE: The new shortened Eurovision version of the song has now been released, see below for the video:

Eurovision odds Israel winner

Israel's contribution is a performance by Izabo. The song "Time" is a fast paced song with uplifting notes, though we believe it is not that good and should not be voted in the top, unless the live performance turns out to be very distinct and "wows" the viewers. Odds on offer is 150/1.

Eurovision odds Switzerland winner

The song "Unbreakable" will be performed by Switzerland's Sinplus. It's a nice song with a catchy tune, and has many elements that could make it popular. But we feel it lacks originality and did not stand out to us the same way for instance Hungary, Cyprus, and partly Norway, did. Odds offered by bookies are around 66/1 to 100/1 at the moment, this is probably where it will stay after all the acts are confirmed. UPDATE: Top price at the moment is 125/1.

Eurovision odds Malta winner

Malta has chosen to perform with Kurt Calleja and the song "This Is The Night". It is a song which is very catchy and happy sounding, set it on repeat and you will be hard pressed not to be smiling after a while! The performance is good and the singer has a great voice, although one drawback is that the song lack originality. Top price is 250/1 and offered by Boylesports and we consider this worth a bet, make sure you sign up with Boylesports and get their first deposit bonus too! We recommend that you consider each-way betting or top 3/top 5 bets as there could be a value bet found here.

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