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Eurovision odds - Part Two

By howtobet on February 21, 2012 in Entertainment, Eurovision

In part two of our Eurovision odds article series we continue to look at the Eurovision Song Contest acts that are currently confirmed, and will look at the songs from Iceland, Hungary, and France. A nice mix of songs indeed, does any of them have what it takes to win the Eurovision final, and more importantly are the Eurovision odds on offer attractive? Keep reading to find out!

Eurovision odds Iceland winner

Gréta Salóme & Jónsi will perform the song "Mundu Eftir Mér". It's a good performance, the song is a powerful/dramatic ballad that will be well liked by many. But the question is if this song is too special to get the top votes, we think that most viewers will get an either love-it or hate-it relationship to it and that it does not have a broad enough appeal. Odds currently on offer is 25/1 with bookies (top price 28/1 with some). Either way, for us the prices are not attractive enough yet. UPDATE: The song will be sung in English and the title is "Never Forget", see below the new English version of the song:

Eurovision odds Hungary winner

Hungary's contribution to the 2012 contest will be the song "Sound Of Our Hearts" performed by Compact Disco. This is a catchy and more techno type of song, and one of our initial favourites. Available odds at the moment is 100/1. The prices are not that bad and could be worth a bet, especially if the market price stays like this once all performers have been confirmed. However, what could end up ruining their chances of a win is their live performance. The videos we have available are not convincing, and if the vocals do not improve in the finals then they will not have a chance. For this reason we have included two videos below, so you can hear both the studio version and the live version. As much as we like the studio version and the 100/1 price, due to the live version we will not be betting yet. We would like to be proven wrong, so if you have a link to a better-sounding live version let us know! Update: The market price currently seems to be around 80/1 to 100/1, but you can get top price 150/1 with Boylesports.

Eurovision odds France winner

France's entry is Anggun with the song "Echo (You And I)". The song is interesting and very varied, with some very uplifting and fast paced moments. Very French indeed! Bookies are currently offering odds 100/1, but we believe that the song is not catchy enough and does not have broad enough appeal to go all the way, and would need even higher odds before we consider recommending a bet. France is one of the "Big Five" countries, meaning they are already qualified for the final and do not have to perform in the semi-finals. Update: Many bookies have cut the odds and only offer between 40/1 - 66/1, but you can get the decent odds 100/1 with Boylesports!

Go back to part one of this article if you haven't already read it (where we covered Norway, Denmark, and Cyprus). Or continue for more Eurovision betting and read part three where we cover Albania, Israel, Switzerland, and Malta!

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