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Eurovision odds

By howtobet on February 21, 2012 in Entertainment, Eurovision

Even though the Eurovision finals are not taking place until May, several of the countries have selected their performers already, and there are even some bookies offering early prices on these countries. Keep reading to find out more about these countries and whether or not the Eurovision odds on offer are anything to consider betting on.

Eurovision betting

For more general information about the Eurovision Song Contest, read the article we wrote earlier: “How to bet on Eurovision”.

Betting on the 2012 Eurovision contest is at the moment very limited and few Eurovision odds are available, simply because not all countries have selected their performers so the complete line-up of participants is not ready. What we do know is that forty-three countries have confirmed their participation, and eighteen of these have selected their performer and song. Below we will cover the winning selections from each country as they become available and give you our opinions on the songs and the available odds. For an updated list including the details of the ones that have made their selections, see the participants list on the Eurovision website.

Want to fast-forward? See below the countries we have covered so far:

Eurovision odds Norway winner

Norway's contribution, "Stay" by Tooji. This song is indeed catchy and should go through from the semi-final and to the final. But will it be in the top once the voting in the final is completed? We think it has a decent chance, it reminds us of Sweden's Eric Saade that finished third last year. At the moment top price on Norway to win is 33/1, indicating that the bookies believe Norway are among the top five to ten favourites. We agree with this, and the odds are quite attractive. We will wait until all the performers are ready and then decide.

Eurovision odds Denmark winner

Denmark's entry is by Soluna Samay and the song "Should've Known Better". It is quite a good song and the performer is a very good singer, but we are not so sure about whether or not this type of song will make it to the top, it feels like the performance should have packed a bigger punch and the song should have been more uplifting. Odds on offer is around 14/1.

Eurovision odds Cyprus winner

The song "La La Love" by Ivi Adamou is a catchy dance tune that we think could do well. It was the hot favourite before the national final and did not disappoint. The song was not performed live in the Cypriot final, but if Ivi Adamou performs it with the same drive in Azerbaijan then it will be interesting to see the reponse. Odds have gone up a bit and you can get 50/1 to 66/1 now. Cyprus will perform as number 13 in semifinal 1, not a bad draw for them. The question is the live performance, if it is good then 66/1 is quite interesting. UPDATE: Odds are down a bit, to 50/1 now.

Continue to read the next parts of this article for more Eurovision betting tips, in part two we cover Iceland, Hungary, and France!

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