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Euro 2012 live betting 1

By howtobet on May 31, 2012 in Live betting

This article is for every one interested in live betting. As you know, the Euro 2012 betting is getting into overdrive with only days left until kick off. Pre game betting on all the various markets is of course fun, and all those who have read our Euro 2012 predictions know there is plenty of Euro 2012 odds worth having a go at. Those who haven't read our thorough walkthrough of the participating nations should do so right away.

Live betting

Live betting really is another way to enjoy the Euro 2012 even more. For those who follow our betting tips and general betting predictions chances are it may very well be profitable too. If you are not familiar with live betting we recommend that you read our intro articles found HERE and HERE. Once you have read those; or if you are quite familiar with live betting - read on.

Why should I bet live on the Euro 2012?

By placing your bet live this Euro as per our recommendation you may find extra value. This because most bookmakers will be loaded up on "risk" pre-game. As in finance, bettors (investors) can be seen as a herd moving together to the percieved most attractive odds (usually the favorite, or the hottest stock out there at the time). This usually happens because of the noise from the media and lots of internet forums etc. They really can create lots of cognitive biases in our simple minds. 

So; what you are to learn from this is that the excessive risk (money wagered) by most people on single outcomes ,means many bookmakers will try to "hedge" their bets using live betting. How do they do this? They lay the other side of the bet, and hope some one takes it. This can typically be in a game such as the Euro 2012 group B game: Netherlands - Denmark. Netherlands are priced around 3/5 (1.60). Most leisure punters, including a small but influential group of highrollers will bombard the Dutch odds. Many scenarios can open up once the game has kicked off. We all know the ball is round, and we SHOULD KNOW that this gives us a chance to go value hunting. Here are some examples:

If you have bet on Denmark after seeing the odds drop perhaps you can lay off your bet should Denmark go one goal up. If you have bet Netherlands at a good price, perhaps you can even get to create a nice surewin should the Dutch go up to 1-0 early. Then the bookies would try even harder get some money on the Danes. Perhaps the game is 0-0 at 75 minutes? Normally you would get a low odds on the draw here, but during this Euro 2012 live betting session you most likely still would get decent odds. 

These said examples illustrate possibilities that arise during live betting generally. There are many other ways to profit as well. During the Euro 2012 we will look at such situations and help you improve your live betting skills. Be sure to check in again.

Where should I bet live during the Euro 2012?

  • If you are after very high bonuses to go with your euro 2012 betting; we recommend you try out Betsson
  • If you simply want the best odds around and a respected brand; go with Pinnacle sports
  • The best selection of markets to bet live on, much better than average odds, and also fine bonuses = Bet365

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