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Sportsbook review - Pinnacle Sports - Live betting

By howtobet on March 14, 2012 in Live betting

The Pinnacle Sports Company is known to have the lowest vig and no limiting of winning players. Pinnacle Sports use the same low hold strategy even for their live betting selection. Applied to all of the available markets, you get to enjoy a very wide range of Sports and Leagues. If you are a live betting novice: Live betting allows you to bet in-play while the game is ongoing.

The Live betting interface

Perhaps a bit simple, and with a hint of yesteryear the Pinnacle live betting interface stares back at us from the screen. While most European books have gone for glam and glitter, Pinnacle has gone for low key and KISS (Keep it simple stupid). Given their more bang for your buck philosophy we can understand the thought, but the sports book review team would expect more from a market leader like Pinnacle.

Pinnacle Sports Live Betting on soccer

It's amazing how easy and seamless you can bet in-play on soccer with Pinnacle Sports. Live betting options are available for the German Bundesliga, Spanish La Liga, English Premier League, Italian Serie A, Champions League and many lesser leagues. Moreover, live betting is available for markets such as Half Time, Totals, Asian Handicap and many more.

Pinnacle Sports Live Betting for NBA

Pinnacle Sports low margins also make their presence felt in NBA live betting. With Pinnacle you can bet live on spreads, total points, money lines and much more at lines around 104%. Their betting odds strategy is solid. You optimize your chances of winning, when using the live betting from this company.

Pinnacle Sports Live Betting for Tennis

Tennis betting lends itself well to live betting as it is action packed and intense. Yet again Pinnacle Sports deliver a super product. Pinnacle Sports offer several markets on tennis betting live. Match odds, total games and game spread are three options found. If you, like us is a live betting fan you certainly can take your profit to a higher level choosing Pinnacle Sports. Their Money lines are often around 103%. That is tough to beat, even in today’s competitive climate.

Pinnacle Sports Live Betting for NHL

The NHL is followed by every hockey loving person. Pinnacle Sports offer in-play hockey betting as well. If you choose the hockey live betting provided by Pinnacle Sports, you again are welcomed by some of the lowest vigs on the market. It is not uncommon to see lines around 104% using this great service.

Pinnacle Sports Live Betting for MLB

As a baseball fan, you would probably want to earn more money while being entertained live on the pitch or in front of the TV. Pinnacle Sports offer you the opportunity. Again, with low vig and great markets Pinnacle Sports ranks as one of the top performers in online betting.

Pinnacle Sports Live Betting for Football

It is only natural that the world's most popular sports game can be bet in-play. Pinnacle sports know this sport perhaps better than anyone and their lines are not only priced to sell, they are incredible. If you haven’t tried Pinnacle Sports yet, you should.

Sportsbook review conclusion

Live betting at Pinnacle Sports allows you to increase your earnings potential compared to most of the competition. Given their no-limit attitude towards stakes and players it is an easy live betting choice for anyone wanting to turn over large sums of money on sports betting.


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