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Asian odds - Draw No Bet

By Admin on August 19, 2012 in Asian Handicap, Betting Guide

In our previous Asian odds articles we have focused more on the technical aspects of asian handicap betting. We suggest you check them out. With this write-up we continue our quest to explain Asian odds, their strengths and their weaknesses. If you want to learn how to bet on asian odds, this article is for you.

What is the Draw No Bet?

First, as Asian sportsbooks are rolling out their operations all over the world let us just point out that in Asian odds terms the draw no bet is called levelball.

Technically draw no bet prices are structured so that you pick your outcome, bet on it, but instead of losing your stake if the game ends a draw you recoup it. What you really do is covering your stake on the outcome that you bet by having a bet on the draw also baked into the price. You can also simply look at it as some form of insurance against the draw.

Draw No Bet example

You have €100 available for this particular bet, and you are planning on some Premier League betting. You want to back an in-form Wolves at home to beat a terrible Blackburn side that for this evening are without their two best players as well. You scout the Draw No Bet options and get the price 1.60. You are of course value oriented so you decide to check the betting tips section of Here you see that our betting expert has found 2.35 on the Wolves win and 3.30 on the draw interesting.

To get your Draw No Bet scenario you place €69.697 on Wolves and €30.303 on the draw for a total of €100 placed. If you are right and Wolves come out celebrating your winner, then you pocket a net win of €63.788. If you are unlucky and Blackburn get a double-rebound-back-of-the-keeper equalizer for 1-1 in injury time your €30.303 bet x 3.30 (odds) gives you your stake of €100 back.

Draw No Bet odds

In the above example you took the home odds plus the draw insurance at about 1.64. This is a little bit higher odds than what the initial 1.60 that you scouted. As we have said in many other articles; sports’ betting is all about taking your small edges. This is yet another example of this.

Draw No Bet – the vig

Usually betting the Draw No Bet option you have no commission deduction when the game ends with a draw. However, practice may vary, so be sure to check out our sportsbook review section where we list information like this and plenty more.

Where is the Draw No Bet Applicable?

Especially games you think will be low scoring contests seem obvious candidates. There is plenty of randomness around to ruin your bet in such scenarios, so the draw coverage can easily be a good hedge. Just imagine all the possibilities when your team is 1-0 up with two minutes to go and the other team pressing like crazy. How often haven’t we seen such encounters? Way too often is our reply.

Match-ups with teams who normally should produce a tight battle are other good candidates. Such match-ups could be cup finals or matches between top teams. It could also be other matches where both teams are of the same relative caliber and have the same motivation.

The Draw No Bet option reduces the bankroll swings of bettors. Wild fluctuations in one’s bankroll are mentally challenging for many punters and this technique help you keep calm in that regard. If you react poorly to losing bets, the DNB variant might be for you.

Asian odds – final notes

The Draw No Bet is a valuable Asian odds variant that we have used a lot in our betting throughout the years. We can’t see that stopping now. We urge you to learn how the other asian handicap odds works out in our other article. Asian odds are true favorites of ours, and we hope to make you equally enthusiastic. Have a look for yourself!

We hope you enjoyed this article and that you will share it with your friends. Feel free to visit our betting tips section for the latest action. Until the next article, the best of luck!

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