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Football betting - what bookmaker to choose?

By Ronny on August 19, 2012 in Betting Guide, Football, Sports

Football betting (soccer betting) can be highly rewarding for those who really know how to bet on football. Fortunately for the bookmakers not many people do. Unfortunately for all of us who are not bookies, that means a lot of money lost.

Given that you visit, chances are you are looking to improve your own football betting results. So far so good, and it is about to get a whole lot better. We deliver a massive amount of beginner focused articles on football betting that should help you improve your betting performance rather quickly. As Coca Cola says it, enjoy!

Financial standing

With a lot of hit and runners having fled with customer deposits in the past, one really can’t stress the importance of selecting only trusted brands for ones betting operator portfolio. Sure, that may mean losing out on some extra value here and there on a few bets isolated, but losing one’s bankroll overnight is not something we hope for anyone to experience. If you select a publically listed brand such as Betsson or Bet365 you have so much more bankroll safety than going for an unregulated smalltime operator in the Caribbean.

Pre-game betting markets

Obviously pre-game betting markets such as the 1X2 betting and variants of it must be present. For the Asian market, and for serious bettors Asian handicap should be included in the mix as well. You want to see outright betting on various sports you follow or have an interest in, and the more sports covered the better. You should also find lots of side bets to the main bet types as well as specials on things like political events, the Eurovision, X Factor and other entertainment betting types. On a general note; the more betting markets there are the better for you. Every market the bookmaker put out increase your chance of finding value as the sports book can’t possibly have the overview of what is going on for every single market. We suggest you read our article on how to use the broad market focus to beat the bookie.

Live betting

Live betting is action packed and believe it or not but live betting is now a more popular football betting option than pre-game football betting in a lot of the world’s corners. Again, selection is important. The more sports, leagues and other markets offered for live betting the better. A lot of bookmakers have crunched the statistics and know their odds math pretty spot on, but when you watch a football game a lot of things are uncovered that may alter the averages of the statistics that the live trader is grinding over at the trading desk. This is an exploitable situation. At the minute the two british online bookmaker giants Bet365 and William Hill are two of our favorite live betting operators. Check out their live section and you will understand why.

Also Bet365, Betsson, Betsafe and more operators are working hard to offer a massive amount of live streaming events. The betting operators are evolving into media operators it seems. This makes the live betting experience seamless, and with the selection of matches available for us to stream these days one can’t be much else than impressed.

Mobile betting

Mobile betting is taking the world by storm. A lot of industry insiders believe this is the next big thing. Already betting turnover from mobile devices is over 25% with many operators. Betting has always sought itself to the best possible platform when looking at history up until now, and if mobile betting really catches on, maybe in some years we will see it dominate the market place?

Most operators are at the very minute rushing to get on with their mobile betting platform launches. This is indeed good news for all of us. The product offered to us will get even better, and we don’t need to bring our laptops to the pub in order to live bet. Have a look at the mobile solutions offered by for instance Bet365 Come on sportsbook and Betsson. They are indeed part of the leading pack in the market place.

The vig

Football betting like most sports betting is all about collecting small edges. We have talked about that enough in numerous write-ups. One of the components making up those small edges is the vig (juice). If you want to bet on football for profit, you got to make sure you select bookmakers that offer low vig, yet financial stability and plenty of bet selections. Suggestion: Read the vig article we wrote if you are not familiar with the concept. It will help you greatly in your football betting career.

Football betting bonus

A football betting bonus or any general betting bonus for that matter is most welcome. Obviously the bookmaker wants you to sign up, because he hopes he will profit on it. In order to get you to sign up he will offer you a betting bonus such as free bets or perhaps other no deposit bonus variants. The bookmaker may also give you a juicy sign up bonus matching your initial deposit with a fixed percentage, up to a fixed sum. If there aren’t heavy turnover demands, such a betting bonus may improve your betting performance in the short run. With several great sports books such as Betsson, Betsafe, Bet365. Pinnacle sports available to bet with the bonus sums can become considerable. We suggest you check out our recommendations in the sportsbook review section and sign up with all the ones that offer great bonuses while at the same time seem right for you.

Sportsbook review

Our sportsbook review team puts a lot of sweat and effort into providing you with a good overview of what is moving and shaking in the world of sports betting. The sportsbook review section is full of information on various sportsbooks and their capabilities to deliver the goods to you, the customer.

Find a good football predictions site

Good for you that you're on Howtobet. I dare say is the best online football predictions site of them all. The writers have over 100 years combined experience from online sports trading, both as punters but also working for various top notch sports book. Check out the predictions and you are in good hands.


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