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Picking the best bookmaker for you - online sportsbook reviews – part 1

By Admin on August 19, 2012 in Betting Guide

Online sportsbook reviews are not an easy thing to do. There are plenty of independent and subjective factors to consider. There are lot of company secrets that aren't widely available. However, you are hungry for information so we decided to just get right to it.

Online sportsbook reviews - the online betting evolution

Online bookmakers have evolved tremendously over the last fifteen years or so. Back in those days many operations were run with small crews of super dedicated people covering all the duties online sportsbooks normally had to cover. It was not uncommon to start the working day with some customer support, fixing payments to customers and then moving on to some odds compiling and risk management. Now, everything is much more streamlined business and in most cases more well run. This usually means that your money is safe when betting as long as you go with the mainstream online bookies. That said, all online bookies are not created equal. Be sure to pick the one that is best suited to you. In this online sportsbook reviews article we want to give you some input on how to choose the right online bookmaker for you.

Online sportsbooks reviews - finances

You want to make sure your money is as safe as possible. Do you do any due diligence on the betting operation you sign up with ever? No? You should. Check if the company is listed on a stock exchange, and do read a couple of its financial reports. We regularly take a look at betting companies and their life on the stock exchange, so you can get some basic coverage on this with us as well. The better their balance sheet and the safer the income stream the better the bookmaker is for you seen from the money angle. No matter if the company is listed on the stock exchange or not, google it. See if you find negative information like slow-pay, no-pay and similar type of articles, blog or forum posts. Also, if you can do a little due diligence on the owners of a private company you should be heading for the safe side of the bet.

Online sportsbook reviews – betting offers

Select online bookmakers that offer you enough betting offers or betting markets if you like. It is really annoying to log in to an online bookie eager to place a bet, just to find that the particular betting market you are looking for isn’t available for whatever reason. Make a short list of betting markets that are important to you, and then scan the best betting sites for information on what online bookmakers that offers that particular selection of bets. We suggest you refer to our online bookmaker review. We dare say we have done a lot of the dirty work for you, and hopefully we can save you some precious time.

Online sportsbook reviews - the vig

In the cut throat competitive world of betting, you the customer have plenty of power. Be sure to select online bookmakers that don’t rip you off with too much juice. If these concepts are new to you we suggest that you take a look at our articles covering the subject. Remember, the choice is yours and there are plenty of decent betting websites out there that want your action.

Final notes

In the next online sportsbook reviews article we will cover even more factors you need to consider before picking an online sportsbook for your portfolio of bookmakers.

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