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How to bet - What’s to come?

By howtobet on March 27, 2012 in Betting Guide

Perhaps you are a beginner aiming to learn how to bet that has found us via Google, or perhaps you were referred by a friend. No matter what; most likely you are interested in betting since you ended up on our site; and we surely hope you like our how to bet primed content. This little write-up is just intended to give you an overview of what we are working on behind the scenes here at Basically we are going public with our planned operational strategy for the next months, so we are even adding some pressure on ourselves to deliver for you.

Where we are now

How to bet as a concept has been planned for quite some time, but the site was only up mid-January 2012. Grand plans have been created, but more importantly; since launch; over 100 articles on various betting topics have been submitted. Take your time and browse around our site. Surely you will find something of interest as we cover everything from betting psychology to betting math of various kinds.

Where we are going

How to bet is a project in motion. We will be adding content frequently. If you prefer to live in an ignorant world you can say betting is simple. Just browse the list of bets offered, pick your selections and off you go. does not share that grossly simplified view. To us betting is science and we care about making good betting decisions. Therefore you will find hundreds of hopefully high quality write-ups here.

You will find betting tips by professional punters. We will soon unleash these experts, each with 10 year + of success in the industry. Those who have followed us on Facebook will have seen that our betting tips so far have yielded an excellent return. This, no matter what betting strategy you would have been using. More of the same high quality stuff is right around the corner.

You will find previews of sport events. In fact, we think you won’t find as many previews anywhere else on the web when we are in full speed. We think our previews will be excellent starting points for your own betting due diligence or simply be a good place to browse the daily offerings and find the latest regarding news, gossip and stats.

You will find user friendly live score and sports statistics services. Our goal is to give you all the tools needed to succeed with your betting, as well as help you enjoy betting as much as we have throughout the years. Adding these types of services we believe will be a step in that direction. Also, integrating these services with other content on-site should increase your joy and probably also your profitability further. We are already working on tying those knots together in one sweet end product.

These are only a few of the things we got in store for you. Obviously we can’t reveal everything just yet. Life is better lived with some surprises. What you can be sure of however is that our sleeves are full of aces that we will play at least one at a time.

How we will get there

The How to bet project will be delivered to you dear visitor through hard work and focus on implementation. We have our hands full trying to make your betting experience a better and more profitable one.

The team working with the How to bet project wants to thank you for your attention and continuous support. Do check on us from time to time. We dare say it will be time wisely spent.

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