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Mobile betting

By howtobet on February 13, 2012 in Betting Guide

Obviously, mobile betting is gaining momentum as the world of mobile technology is moving fast forward. The scope of this article is to illuminate some of the benefits of mobile betting anno 2012 versus the past as well as try to give a realistic view of just how speedy mobile betting growth will be.

Mobile betting – the not so lucrative beginning

As mobile betting and in general all mobile phone uses were hyped in the early years all the super optimistic forecasts made by analysts and independent research companies were ridiculed.  Companies providing mobile betting platforms did not get lift off.

Many blamed the US and their forceful UIGA bill of 2006 for the lack of success. However, given the fact that sports betting already were illegal in the US, and covered by the Wire Act of 1961 and online casino also was interpreted to be illegal one can only really point the finger at lack of growth in the online poker segment. In other words; we think both the poker market and the mobile gambling market were simply hyped too much.  

Add to this that most smart phones at the time had really poor touch screens if a touch screen at all, making navigation possibilities in the mobile betting software poor for the end user. As if that wasn’t enough mobile internet-network coverage was slow, and did not lend itself well to the dynamics of betting.

Mobile sports betting – the remake

With the introduction of better phones such as the Iphone and a variety of Android phones things have clearly improved for the consumer of betting services. Also tablets make sofa betting a lot easier nowadays. We don’t even have to bring the laptop. Crystal clear and functional touch screens combined with lots of processor power neatly packaged have made mobile betting a lot easier and fun. It obviously also has been to great help that internet life on the mobile has been made a lot easier through faster networks.

The betting apps available today are truly powerful and deliver stability and speed. You can find the same bets on the mobile as the online platforms, and with the popularity growth of live betting mobile betting has found a partner for life. No matter where you are at, as long as you have your phone with you a bet can be placed on a live event that you follow on TV or live.  For more information on company specific mobile betting solutions we urge you to check out our bookmaker review section. There we will provide plenty of mobile betting information to go with full coverage of the bookmakers general betting operations.

Mobile sports betting – what the analysts and we say

Analysts and research companies around the world have been busy trying to estimate the growth ahead. They are miles apart and one really gets the feeling they are either taking the stance the world of betting including the Chinese market will be liberalized and fully opened up by 2015 or they take a very conservative approach.

From our data, looking at mobile bets coming in and seeing the ongoing regulatory circus both in Europe and the US we definitely believe mobile betting will grow strongly over the years to come. That said; In our opinion it is very speculative to stress opening of betting markets all over the world until 2015 looking at the regulatory situation today. For instance; Chinese authorities are cracking down hard on betting as we write this. Russia is closed, so is massive markets such as Brazil and India. The US looks set to open for online poker, but seems yet to be against sports betting. In order for the most positive predictions to get their home run, these markets need to open. This will take time. On the other hand; over 10% of the world population now has smart phones. This number will be growing steadily; and with the improved betting apps and phones betting turnover will increase. We also suspect bookmakers will start competing for market share very aggressively. This will again drive the further development of betting apps and other mobile betting software.

Mobile betting – end notes

We hope you liked the article and are on your way to our sportsbook review section to find out more about the operators and their mobile betting solutions. If you are a true betting enthusiast it is time to embrace mobile sports betting. Finally, it has arrived.

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