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Asian odds explained – part one

By Ronny on August 20, 2012 in Asian Handicap, Betting Guide

Asian Handicapping, or asian odds as we prefer to call it has been around for quite some time, but the term Asian handicap itself was coined by a journalist working with a bookmaker in Indonesia named Joe Phan. Asian Handicap was until then known as “hang cheng betting” by sports books and gamblers.  We go one step further and simply refer to Asian handicaps as Asian odds.

Popular in Eastern countries initially, the style has moved westward at a rapid pace. In this series of write-ups we will explain what Asian odds entail, and more importantly how you can make money betting this exciting market.

What is Asian handicap betting?

In simple terms Asian odds provides a two outcomes, fixed odds, spread betting option on various sporting events. The spread, or handicaps provided can vary from zero points, known as DNB or draw no bet (level ball), to several points (say +/- 4.5 goals as an example). By points here we are referring to the actual handicap for the relevant match. This based on the handicappers perception of the betting object being handicapped. The more evenly matched the betting object is the lower the point spread. If Liverpool FC plays a good side in the FA cup versus say, Manchester City I guess you can imagine that the spread will be tight. Easily level ball, or perhaps Liverpool -0.25 if they play at Anfield Road. Should for instance Barcelona play against Deportivo La Coruna, the spread would be much wider. Easily Barcelona -4 goals and Deportivo La Coruna +4 goals. What happens if the game ends 4-0 for Barca you may wonder? Well, then the full stake place is returned to you. The quarter goal handicaps we will get to in our follow up articles. You will understand what they represent in no time. Do not worry!

Asian odds – advantages

It is important to understand that the Asian Handicap often provides the bettor with a better shot at making money. Mainly because the vig, or juice more often than not is lower than when you bet 1X2 with a traditional European bookmaker for instance.  Most European books charge 5 to 10 percent if you want to bet on football. Asian odds are often offered with a hold for the bookmaker as low as 2.5%. This essentially means more money in your pocket per bet you place. Should you place one thousand bets in a calendar year, the difference should be intuitively obvious. 2.5% to 7.5% extra return on your winners will make a big difference.

Another interesting point is that the bettors also gain more detailed control over the bet by utilizing the various handicaps available. Again, if you bet the 1X2 odds you got to factor in that you are dealing with three outcomes. I think it is reasonable to argue that this will lead to a higher degree of variance. This is of ourse ofset by the odds on offer (if you prefer to bet outsiders for instance, or the draw). Put another way: If you are a decent at picking bets you will find that using Asian odds will lead to less fluctuation in your betting bankroll. You will win more frequently as there is no draw to spoil the party, and you will have more money coming in from partially won bets,  and even partially lost bets.

Not only is two outcomes betting a whole lot easier to deal with in terms of variance, but you can use your sportsbet skills to handicap the event with much more precision. If you have broken down the statistics and have good information on the betting event, Asian odds clearly offer more prediction accuracy over the long haul than 1X2 which is a much more blunt betting option.

Asian odds – betting tips

We suggest you use our bet tips section as a starting point for finding good Asian odds to bet on. Asian odds are usually most used for soccer betting, but with their growing popularity we have seen them used on more and more sports. We will analyze betting events for you in detail, and provide you with decent betting information that you can either act on directly or use in further due diligence of the betting object mentioned.

Asian odds – bookmaker review

Furthermore; read our bookmaker review section to find trusted online bookmakers that offer Asian odds. As you perhaps know there have been some online bookmakers offering extremely attractive Asian odds to the public only to disappear with the deposited funds. Reading our bookmaker review section will hopefully keep you out of trouble. Of course, we can’t have full insight into all operations at all times, especially the non-listed ones, but we do have feelers in the market that should give some indication.

End note

This article was hopefully informative and useful. Please share it with your friends, and do follow us on your favorite social media site where we release lots of unique content and betting tips. Now, we suggest you read our follow up article on the asian odds subject. It will help you get your terminology right, and hopefully show the value of asian handicap betting even more. You can also go directly to part 3 in this asian handicap article series and see how asian odds works out handicap by handicap.

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