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Asian odds explained - part two - single and double asian handicap

By Admin on August 20, 2012 in Asian Handicap, Betting Guide

We assume you have read our previously released article on this subject: asian odds - If you haven’t done so, please do it right about now and then return here after. In this article we will cover single Asian odds and double Asian odds. These Asian odds terms are very easy to grasp, but nonetheless important to understand. Double Asian handicaps refer to Asian odds bets where you have more results possible than only one of the traditional win/lose outcomes attached to the bet.  Single Asian handicaps refer to Asian odds where you have only have the option of win/lose.

Asian odds - Double Asian Handicap Example

Assume Barcelona play Rayo Vallecano away in the Spanish Primera. Barcelona is handicapped at -1.25. The decimal odds offered on Barcelona is 1.85. Rayo Vallecano is given a head start of +1.25 goals or in Asian odds terms; 1.25 balls ahead. The decimal odds offered on Vallecano is 2.05.

Rayo Vallecano vs Barcelona example
Bet Stake Odds Return when 1-1 Return when 1-2 Return when 1-3
Barcelona -1.25 100.00 1.85 0.00 50.00 185.00
Rayo Vallecano +1.25 100.00 2.05 205.00 50.00 0.00


If you bet on the Catalan giants and they lose or draw this match, you lose your bet. You have to overcome your Asian odds handicap of 1.25 goals remember. If Barcelona wins by one goal you lose half your stake. The other half is returned to you. If Barcelona wins with two goals or more, you win. Here you clearly see that it is not only a matter of winning or losing in a straight forward way. This way of being able to partially win or lose a bet is what double Asian odds handicaps is what it is all about.

Asian odds - Single Asian Handicap example using a Favorite

As you can see the Asian Handicap is an interesting way to bet on sports. Similar to the US and UK markets the favorite is always shown with a minus sign, the underdog with a positive sign. If you are wagering on the favorite they must meet or beat the handicap that is set.

We chose using England -1.5 vs. China +1.5 in a Wembley stadium soccer encounter as the background for this example. The process here is simple. If you bet on the UK they must win by 2 goals or more in order for you to win. There is no refunding of half stakes scenarios. The same would be the case if you bet China you can only win or lose in this bet scenario. If the talented Chinese team went ahead and booked the unlikely win, got a draw or even lost by one goal you would be a happy camper. If they lost with two goals or more, you would regretfully tear your bet slip apart and cry bitter tears.

Asian odds – rounding it off

We hope you found this little piece informative. This article was about terminology more than anything else. It may not strike you as exceptionally important, but dealing with odds and online bookmakers require you to have a solid foundation. Know your basics, and be sure of what you do. We don’t want to see you waste your hard earned cash on a bet that you would never get on if you knew what really was at stake. Asian odds can be difficult at first if you are only used to the straight forward western styles and we find it important to clarify things for you. That is what is all about.

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