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bet using a permutation betting system - Practical application

By Admin on August 19, 2012 in Betting Guide, Betting systems

In a previous article we touched briefly on basics of permutation sports betting systems. There are a number of varied systems that have come along over the years. The most common of those are included in the list below. We are not going to get into any large explanation for each of those here, but we will explain briefly and illustrate using easy to understand examples. Most serious online bookmakers will offer you these options as an integrated part of their betting platform.

Patent bet system

Going for a patent bet you have a total of seven wagers utilizing only three outcomes. Barcelona, Liverpool, and Marseille could be chosen from football for example. You would have single bets on each (three). Then you would have three double bets, and a triple. The triple is a parlay. The double is basically box betting the three selected bets into two game combos.

Trixie bet system

Trixie betting consists of a total of four wagers that again, has three outcomes. When Trixie betting you also have the double combos (three of them), but unlike patent betting you have all three selections as one parlay. If two of the three bet selections are correct, you stand to make some money.

Lucky 15 bet

The lucky 15 bet system is a little bit trickier; with this system you have a total of fifteen wagers, utilizing four outcomes. Four of your bets are single bets, you would have six two game combos, and four three game combos. The fifteenth bet would have all four games in one parlay. These types of wagers are popular for horse bettors.  They also will work for sports bettors, minus the bonus options of course. We cover that in another article.

Lucky 31 bet

Like the Lucky 15 a Lucky 31 bet involves a number of combinations. You will choose five outcomes that you like, and you will be making a total of thirty-one wagers. You bet all five games you like as singles, you combo the group into ten two game parlays, ten three game parlays, and five four game parlays. Your thirty first bet is all five games in one parlay.

Lucky 63 bet

Like the Lucky 15 and 31 a Lucky 63 bet is a combo betting system. This particular betting system covers six selected outcomes. Your wager consists of six single bets, fifteen two game combos, twenty three game combos, fifteen four gamers, and six five gamers. Your sixty third wager is all six together in one parlay.

Yankee bet

a Yankee bet is indeed an interesting one, and although the name rings a few bells it has nothing to do with New York. This betting system involves four game selections, and eleven wagers. You make six two game combos, four three game combos and finally one ticket with all four games on it. .

Super Yankee bet

a Super Yankee bet, eh, no not Babe Ruth, is also known as “The Canadian” in some betting circles. This system requires you to make twenty six wagers. You only need five selected outcomes. Using permutations math you find that you have ten two and three game parlays. You furthermore have five four gamers, and one ticket with all five games on it.

Heinz bet

With the Heinz bet system you need to create fifty seven wagers out of six games that you select. You will have fifteen two game combos, twenty three gamers, fifteen four gamers, and six five gamers. Your fifty seventh wager is all six selections on one ticket.

Goliath bet

a Goliath bet is not for people with high blood pressure. This betting system involves eight pre-selected outcomes, and a whopping two hundred and forty seven wagers. Your batch of tickers will include twenty eight two game combos, fifty six three gamers, seventy four gamers, twenty eight six gamers, eight seven gamers and one ticket with all eight selections on it.

General notes

As all the systems here involve a lot of parlay betting, be sure to read our parlay betting article. For those in a hurry; be sure to include betting selections with positive expected value if you bet for profit. If you have lower requirements and bet for leisure and fun, that is okay, but we urge you to at the very least pick bets from our bet tips section. At least you will not have bets on your ticket that have massive negative expected value. This translates to more entertainment per dollar, pound or euro that you deposit with your online bookmaker of choice.

We hope this article on permutation style betting systems was to your liking. If it was, please share it with your friends and become a fan of on your favorite social media site. We would appreciate it greatly.

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