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How to bet live – part one

By Admin on August 20, 2012 in Betting Guide, Live betting

We love to bet live. Betting on sports pre-game can be thrilling and financially rewarding. To bet live instantly magnifies the entertainment factor exponentially. At the same time, live betting offer us new money making possibilities. The focus of this particular article is to highlight the headlines and prepare you for more specific articles that will build upon the foundation we will build right about now.

What is live betting?

When you bet live, you can pick bets right up to the dying moments of the event you have selected. Yesteryear you could only bet pre-game. Let’s turn to football betting for an example. When you bet live you will find the typical pre-game markets such as 1X2, totals, several types of handicap options, first team to score and many more. However, when you bet live the odds on offer fluctuate throughout the said event.

The fluctuations are resulting from the live trader’s perception of the ongoing event. The live trader is working for the bookmaker offering you the live bets. Here we should mention that many sport books have done their statistical home work and use pre-defined algorithms too spew out betting markets based on a large number of statistical criteria’s. While this for sure is good enough to beat the average leisure punter it also leads to many interesting and profitable betting situations for the more cool, calm and collected professional. However, describing these money making possibilities are outside of the scope of this article. Rest assured though, we will have it covered.

You will also find bet types pre-game betting operators only simply could not deliver such as next team to score. Imagine a football game where say Lyon is leading Marseille 2-1 after 69 minutes of play. If you happen to watch the game on TV, and feel like Marseille is likely to get a goal any minute, then that is a feeling you can place a bet on. Simply put; to bet live is a much more dynamic betting experience than pre-game betting.

How to bet live - where?

Most serious sport books operate an in-play product nowadays. Just look for In-play betting or live betting in their menu. Some might also just write: “Live”. Having established that access to live markets is fairly easy we want to turn your attention to fundamental issues concerning picking the right in-play provider. Here on we have an excellent set of reviews of online bookmakers. We suggest you go through these reviews in order to find a trustworthy and competent service provider. In these reviews we discuss live betting options among a large pile of other very important subjects.

Our favorite bookmakers for having an in-play session at the minute are without a doubt Bet 365 and Betsafe. Both are financially solid companies with a lot of product knowledge. Translated to English; your money is safe and you will be sure to find a lot of interesting bet offers and good prices.

Bet tips and other features of how to bet offer a wide range of free bet tips on our site. We also offer bet tips live. All betting tips are handpicked by business insiders and professional sports bettors. also offers a large number of betting related articles for beginners and veterans alike. Do yourself a favor and browse our article section for betting advice.

How to bet - live final note

We hope you have enjoyed our little introduction on live betting. If you did, please take time to share the article on your favorite social media site. Good betting advice is hard to obtain, but we strive to deliver just that.

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