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About Betting Predictions

Betting predictions are as difficult to make as any other prediction of the future. Even if it is difficult, it doesn't mean we don?t try. Sports betting, or online betting in general is a highly dynamic process. The quoted odds quoted by a bookmaker may change in a heartbeat, and so may the opinion of these quoted odds.

Even if you nail the quantitative (betting stats) side of it, team news, motivation, weather, in-game random actions etc. can affect the probability you have assigned to each potential final outcome in your betting predictions. You need to have quite a Bayes-Theorem motor in you to weigh in all these factors all the time in order to make the very best predictions possible. makes your life easier as we focus on every aspect of the events we preview in this section. The previews and betting predictions you find here are all based on the mentioned aspects important for betting. In other words does the dirty work for you. Feel free to use the previews and predictions you find here as background material for further due diligence on your own, or take the ones you agree with as is. offers betting predictions and previews for all major sports, and even some of the minor ones. For the soccer predictions you will find separate predictions for 1X2 betting, Asian Handicap and Total Goals. No matter what predictions you are looking for, we are prepared to make them.

If you are new to betting suggest you read the overview articles found in our New to Betting section. Reading our online betting guide articles may greatly improve your potential for profit while betting on sports. At the very minimum it could possibly decrease the risk of making costly mistakes.


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