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Vasca da Gama v Flamengo predictions

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Vasca da Gama v Flamengo predictions
Serie A Brazil, Brasil
full time result Flamengo 2.10 Bet at Coral
Betting prediction was written by Dan Adair


This is a big Rio derby between two giants of the Brazil Serie A, both sides are in a bit of turmoil coming into the game which all adds to the spice. It’s the “Millions Derby”, the most watched game

Vasco da Gama are not in great shape at the moment, club finances are under scrutiny and team morale is low. Coach Paulo Autuori left under a cloud after claiming interference from beautifully named president Roberto Dinamite. No wages were forthcoming for the players and the coach was not open about sorting it out. He brought back club legend Juninho from RB New York but it stinks of a smokescreen as the ex-Lyon man is getting on a bit now. Vasco are in trouble in the league with 2 wins, 1 draw and 3 defeats, but with a goal difference of -5 and the worst defence in the league.

Flamengo are still trying to adapt and results have been poor so far.  The worrying thing for fans of Rubo-Negro is the fact they have had the easiest start of any team in the division, playing all the smaller teams and still struggling. With 1 win, 3 draws and 2 defeats they sit near the bottom. Flamengo are a team in transition its true but they must not take too long or they may find themselves in trouble.


This game is played in the huge Estadio Nacional Mane Garrinchi in Brasilia. Home advantage is forfeited by Vasco in favour of a huge gate receipt, as the stadium can hold over 70,000. Given Flamengo’s popularity even in these trying times it likely we will see a huge crowd. The odds reflect this and have shortened all the time on Flamengo. With the awful defence of Vasco, the poor morale of the “home” side and the fact the fans will be mainly for Flu we take the visitors. 2.10 Flamengo will not last long so head to Coral as soon as you can.

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