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Arsenal v Tottenham - Analysis

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Arsenal v Tottenham - Analysis
Premier League England, England
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Betting prediction was written by Ronny

Arsenal take on Tottenham in a titanic tussle this Sunday afternoon. The Gunners played a good first half against Liverpool, and with a wee bit of luck they could have gotten at least one goal that half. It was not to be, and Liverpool got the best of them. Deservedly so all in all, but with a flattering 3-1 scoreline. Tottenham hasn't impressed much so far to be honest. They spurned a couple of sitters against NUFC, and should of course have done a lot more. The same can be said about the game against Villa. They did win it, and got the points. But, they were not amazing. Against City they were just really lucky. Totally outplayed in my opinion, but it ended 2-2. Of course, they got goal threat. Since Ndombele is out, it is likely we see Eriksen today. That may be good for the creativity. But we all know the Dane has his mind set on greener grass and a big payday. Can he still play his A-game? So far Pochettino has been reluctant to answer that question with a yes. We will see.

I expect both sides to try to strike back of course. For me though. Arsenal just look that bit more complete. Offensively they will give Arsenal all sorts of problems, and Spurs got to be on their toes collectively and in every player position. Normally they are, but so far this season they have not been their best. It is tough to change things around so quickly. And Arsenal, even if it is a big derby game. It is still difficult, even if motivation is high.

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