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Chateauroux v Sochaux - Get on now!

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Chateauroux v Sochaux - Get on now!
Ligue 2, France
asian handicap Sochaux DNB 1.78 Bet at SBOBET
Betting prediction was written by Ronny

Chateauroux v Sochaux is a French Ligue 2 matchup, where I am backing Sochaux DNB. My bet is motivated by the home side scoring too few goals (only nine so far this season). Obviously, then it is hard to win games, and so far Chateauroux has only won 2/10 of their matches.

On top of that; here they miss Chamed who has scored 33% of those goals. Furthermore, he has contributed two assists. Another offensive player missing for the home side; Kamara has notched two assists. Gregory Thil is a decent striker at this level, but will he get service? Can he decide this tie on his own? I think not.

Sochaux isn't the most high scoring team themselves, but the goals are coming from several players across the attacking line, and they have improved a lot since their poor start to the campaign. They're now unbeaten in five. I was considering the -0.25 line here, but decicded to play it "safe". I like the cushion of a full refund in case of a draw here.

I suspect these odds will not be around come kick off, so get on while you can. My money is as usual where my mouth is. I am on it too!

Good Luck!

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