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Darmstadt v Mainz - looking for live bet on total goals

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Darmstadt v Mainz - looking for live bet on total goals
Bundesliga, Germany
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Betting prediction was written by Ronny

Darmstadt is continuing to impress in the Bundesliga. They have so far only one loss in seven matches, and have earned ten points, which is one point more than tonight’s opponent. Darmstadt has faced top teams such as Bayern Munich (loss), Dortmund and Schalke (draws), and Bayer Leverkusen (win). In the most recent match they earned a point by managing 2-2 away to Borussia Dortmund. This was a match that played out quite as expected, with Dortmund creating lots of chances and perhaps deserving the win. But Darmstadt is on-fire and got their equalizer at the end of the match, following some naïve defending by Dortmund. The goal was, of course, scored by their captain Sulu, a player often referred to as a gladiator, a tough-playing defender that also knows where the opposition’s goal is. And as I have pointed out in previous predictions, we do know what we get from Darmstadt, they are disciplined and well-organized, and hard to break down. In offence they are creating enough chances, and have proven to be quite effective. They are solid enough at home to go for three points in this match, but the question is how willing they are to sacrifice safety in defence compared to offensive play, considering that Mainz is not at counter-attacking.

The goalie Platins, midfielder Stark, and the defender Rajkovis are all still out (all with 0 matches so far this season). Two midfielders are doubtful, Gondorf and Niemayer, and these two have played all league matches so far. Darmstadt has decent replacements for these, but I recommend that you check the starting XI as their possible absence will matter a bit.

Mainz is in 12th place with 3-0-4. On away pitch they have met strong opposition (on paper, at least). They won the season opener away to Borussia Monchengladbach (a team completely out of form), before losing with one goal to both Schalke and last weekend Bayer Leverkusen. Mainz is an established Bundesliga team with lots of quality, even if they perhaps do not have the really big financial resources. So far this season they have managed to cope with a couple of important players leaving during the last transfer window, and (so far) seem to stay at the same level of play as last season, which should award them with a safe place above the relegation line. In my opinion, Mainz is at their best if they get to play on the counter attack. In tonight’s match and considering the most likely well-balanced setup from Darmstadt, there might not be that many chances to counter-attack. But at the same time, this is a match that Darmstadt should go for the win in, so it will be interesting to see how offensive they dare to play, and what chances this gives for Mainz to counter-attack.

Fabian Frei is the most important injury for Mainz tonight, he is a midfielder that has played in three matches this season. Daniel Brosinski (defender with seven matches this season) is doubtful. In addition the following players are also doubtful: Zenero (defender, 0 matches this season), Zimling (midfielder, 0 matches), youngster Serdar (midfield, 1 match), and Cordoba (attacker, 1 match so far).

This is a match where both teams can smell a win and three points, and it could quickly end over 2.5 goals. However, the home side is extremely disciplined. So my strategy will be to wait for a lower line than 2.5, for instance the 2 goal line, and it is a typical match (and quite typical for Bundesliga) where if a goal is scored then usually several more will follow.

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