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NEC - Heerenveen: Shocking odds available

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NEC - Heerenveen: Shocking odds available
Eredivisie, Holland
asian handicap Hveen +0.25 1.854 Bet at Sportmarket
Betting prediction was written by Ronny

NEC is 2-1-2 with a goal difference of 2:5 so far this season. That still puts them a point ahead of Heerenveen who has 1-3-1 and a goal difference of 7:7. Heerenveenwas really unimpressive, especially in the first half vs Groningen last matchday but overall they have had a much tougher fixture list than NEC and they should be atleast one level above the home side.  It is fairly obvious that the game plan here for the home side is to continue with a solid defensive organisation and let the Heerenveen attack try to break them down. As Heerenveen has a handful of new players to gel in the starting line up makes it a tougher job at this point in time than if this game had come a month or so further down the road.

Team News

Marcel Appiah (full back) is out for the home side while Heerenveen will have to do without Mitchell te Vrede up front. Other than that there are no new suspensions or injuries to report

The Bet

NEC is newly promoted, but when these two sides have met in the fairly recent past NEC has  been able to put up a good fight. This will not be easy three points for Heerenveen. The odds on the home side has also dropped a bit in the pre-game market. I would not want to take Heerenveen on the 1x2, but 1.854 at Sportmarket is worth a go in my opinion. Heerenveen has perhaps not shown their best football yet, but its the better side of the two and NEC has only managed two goals so far. I can't see them creating too much tonight either. Just a very nice price that!

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