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Peru v Venezuela - Ascues again

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Peru v Venezuela - Ascues again
Copa America, International
other Ascues anytime scorer 17.00 Bet at Coral
Betting prediction was written by Dan Adair

We jump in again with the Carles Acues anytime price as Corals have priced him up massively again.  The tall defender/midfielder did play in the back four 1st game against Brazil. His scoring record for his club sides isn’t great but his international record is superb. He only joined the national team last year but his  record stands at 5 goals in 8 games!  His price of 16-1 score anytime with Corals is plain wrong. We took the 20-1 at Brazil when Peru were 10-1 to win the game. Now they are short priced favourites it makes little sense that hes now 16-1 anytime. Some bookmakers are on to him and offer prices around 11-4 anytime. I would have small stakes here as its not a guaranteed win but is tremendous value.  To put it into context he is only 9-1 to score 1st with some books!

I will take small stakes on anytime at 16-1 with Corals.


Bet Carles Ascues score anytime at 16-1 with corals.


Open a new account with CORALS – If you bet a fiver they will match it and then give you 15 more!  - Advice is take the 5 offer and take Ascues anytime at 16-1 - get 15 back of them and you in.

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