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Peru v Venezuela - Peruvian advantage

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Peru v Venezuela - Peruvian advantage
Copa America, International
draw no bet Peru 1.90 Bet at B
Betting prediction was written by Dan Adair

We return to Group B and this could be very interesting if, as expected Brazil beat Colombia both of these teams could be in with a squeak of qualifying. It’s a tough game this one as both sides are quite evenly matched. Peru played ok against Brazil in 1st game and even had the temerity to take the lead. They battled well and did look dangerous at times. Venezuela deservedly defeated Colombia 1-0 in the opening game. They dominated for much of the game and Colombia never got going. Venezuela looks very well organised. The game will be very important for both sides so will be tight. I’m going to side with Peru here on the draw no bet market.

Head to head games between the two are basically home wins, in this neutral venue we are 3 wins for Peru and 1 for Venezuela. The draw could be a lively player here as Venuzuela are as good as through with one if Brazil do beat Colombia.


Bet Peru 9-10 or 1.90 at 0 with Bet365.


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