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Lazio v Juventus prediction

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Lazio v Juventus prediction
Coppa Italia, Italy
full time result Draw 3.25 Bet at Come on
Betting prediction was written by Robban


This is the semi-final and re-match in Coppa Italia between the five time champions Lazio and the nine time champions Juventus. These two teams really deserves this spot they both been playing great in the Coppa Italia and in Serie A. Lazio currently 3rd and Juventus 1st  in the standings in Serie A. So prepare for an epic battle.

Lazio managed to score a very late equalizer in the 86th minute away at Juventus Stadium. Lazio have failed to beat Juventus in their last nine meeting, losing six of them. Last time they actually won was in April 2009. What about their recent form, they lost to Chievo on Saturday and that was their first defeat in 17 games.  Lazio’s best striker Miroslav Klose is still injured and Sergio Floccari is most likely their forward to start with. Federico Marchetti will need to be at his best once again, the Lazio keeper saved the guests in a lot of dangerous situation in the first battle. Their home record is pretty amazing as well, 16 wins,  two draws and two losses. Lazio is the underdog in this match-up.

Juventus are the leaders of Serie A but they are in a bad position after 1-1 at home soil. They need to score at away ground, although their away record is amazing, 14 wins, five draws and only one loss. Juventus have two important  players away for different reasons, Kwadwo Asamoah away on international duty with Ghana. They just qualified to the quarter-finals and Pirlo should return to practice later this week but won’t play this important game. With Pirlo and Klose away I think their go to guy is the Chilean midfielder Arturo Vidal, nine goals and seven assist so far this season. He’s a typically “right place and right time” guy. They will need exactly that to continue to another final. Juventus are searching for a record tenth Coppa Italian title.


Since a draw is enough for Lazio to qualify in to the finals I think they will start off slow and safe. Juventus have to attack and go for the win. Lazio defence were really resilient last game and I think the goal at away ground in their first game could prove to be the winning factor. I feel that Lazio can pull off a draw in this match-up especially with Pirlo away.

Bet the draw with comeon at 3.25

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