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Stabaek vs Sarpborg

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Stabaek vs Sarpborg
Tippeligaen, Norway
asian handicap Stabaek +0.25 1.89 Bet at B
Betting prediction was written by Ronny

This betting tip is for Monday 15.07. It is taken from the Norwegian Tippeliga. Stabaek is 4-2-7 this season (2-2-2 at home) while Sarpsborg 08 is 2-6-5 (0-3-3 away). Both teams lost their last match. Sarpsborg lost 2-0 away up north in Tromsø, while Stabaek lost 2-1 away to Odd. Overall having watched the games I would say Stabaek is underrated here. They have been playing well, but not been able to convert this into goals. It is a plus for them that their top scorer Boli was back against Odd. Even against a very good Odd side Stabaek managed to keep it tight, and Odd only managed to win after getting a penalty ten minutes before the final whistle. This alone I think is enough to tilt this betting prediction towards the home win. However, there is more to it. Sarpsborg 08 will miss quite a few regular players. This due to injury and also the Under 19 European Championship now starting. Sarpsborg 08 is getting a lot of trust from the bookmakers on past results. This season Sarpsborg is not near that quality, and here they are up against a side that is improving when it comes to their play, have home advantage and their top scorer match fit again. An asian handicap of +0.25 (half win with draw, full win if Stabaek wins) priced at 1.89 is for me way to high. It has to be tested

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