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Mayweather v Pacquiao - Floyd on Points AGAIN!

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Mayweather v Pacquiao - Floyd on Points AGAIN!
World Championship Male, International
other Mayweather on points 1.91 Bet at Ladbrokes
Betting prediction was written by Dan Adair

The biggest fight in recent history and one that pretty much all boxing people have been looking forward too. Its been billed as “the fight of the century” and that’s probably no hype. 

The titles on the line are WBO, WBA and WBC belts, it will be held at the Welterweight limit of 147 lbs or 66.7 kgs.

Mayweather comes in to this one with a perfect 47 wins and no defeats or draws.  Of his 47 wins he has 26 KO’s and has boxed 363 rounds. Of his recent fights you have to go back to the knockout of Ricky Hatton way back in 2007 (im not including the KO of Victor Ortiz here as he was clearly not defending himself after a controversial head-butt) that spans his last 7 fights which have all gone the distance.

Pacquiao finally makes it to to face Mayweather with 64 fights and 57 wins – plus 2 draws and 5 losses. A chequered recent fight list which includes a devastating KO defeat to JM Marquez in which Manny was faceplanted into the floor. A further loss to a Tim Bradley shows that Manny is beatable (he did go on to avenge the loss with a decision win last time out)

This is a super fight and one that everyone will be watching. For me the bet of the entire fight is the most predictable.  Floyd Mayweather to win on points. The odds have moved up from opening around 1.50 or 1-2 to a very back able 1.91 or 10/11 with the UK bookmaker Ladbrokes. For me the only possible outcomes are a Mayweather points win or the slim chance of a Pacquiao KO of Mayweather. I think Floyd will have a few problems with the speed, ferocity and angles of the Pilipino but ultimately its Mayweathers job and something he has excelled at throughout his career.

A major worry for this fight (but not for us Mayweather points bettors) is the fight becomes a sort of chess match as both fighters become too cagey and respect the other too much. If this happens then the bet is home for us for sure.

Bet Floyd Mayweather to win on points at 10/11 or 1.91 with Ladbrokes

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