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Australian Open Preview : Women

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Australian Open Preview : Women
Australian Open Women, International
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Australian Open Preview for Women

A quick preview of the first Grand Slam tournament, which starts around mid-January. This is to get a glimpse of how the season has been for the best players before the new season commences, where the Australian Open is just around the corner.

Top 10 seeding

1. Victoria Azarenka has had a fantastic year who won the Australian Open last year, and is ranked number one in the world. Azarenka was in the Us Open final as well, where she was close to winning over Serena Williams.
Azarenka is among the biggest favorites to win this tournament again this year.

2. Maria Sharapova had a fantastic season as well with a record of 61 won games, and only losing 11.
Sharapova lost here in the final last year, but won the French Open a few months later, so all things considered a very good season for Maria, who brought home the silver medal in the summer Olympics. A player we need to look out for, who can go all the way.

3. Serena Williams is a beast of a player, with raw power. Serena on her best is almost completely impossible to beat, where she is almost undefeated playing at her top level. Only lost 6 matchups last year, and gained 2 Grand Slam titles and the Olympic Gold medal in London.
Williams is by far the best player amongst the seeded ones, few other participants can beat Serena here if she’s playing at her top level. Serena is the strongest candidate to go all the way.

4. Agnieszka Radwanska has also had a very good season, although struggling with her shoulder and her back, she’s fought through it and raised her level when it mattered the most, and gotten to play many matches the past year. Was in her first Grand Slam final during the Wimbledon tournament, where she eventually lost in a three set match versus Serena Williams.
Radwanska has been in three quarter-finals in the Australian Open, but have never been able to go further. Perhaps this year is Radwanska’s year to going further?

5. Angelique Kerber is among those that have grown the most during the WTA tour, who’s had a fantastic year, winning two WTA titles and gained lots of experience and not the least confidence during this past year.
The German girl have shown us she’s capable of mastering all kinds of surfaces and so I’m convinced she will go further than she has managed to do before here in Australian Open, which is a third round. A player one should look out for in the future.

6. Sara Errani is a player I really fancy, playing with such great passion. Errani had her career best last year recording some great results. Won 12 titles, four of them singles, eight doubles. The Italian favorite was in the final in the French Open as well as collecting two Grand Slam titles in doubles, so she’s impressed me a lot.
Errani was in the quarter-finals here in Australian Open last year, but it’s questionable she will go past the quarter-final if she meets up with one of the power players in this year’s quarter final.
Errani has struggled against the best of the best where her play turns too defensively against players like Serena, or Maria, where her level of play just isn’t there to beat these kinds of playing styles.  Especially if Serena is on the other side of the net.

7. Na Li an exciting player who has the level of play to beat most other players on the tour, and recorded many wins last year, but only took home one WTA title, in Cincinnati. Been too unstable in important phases of the season, especially around the times of Grand Slam tournaments and been surprisingly beaten in many of these GS tournaments.
A player who regardless of this can still make it, and knows how to go all the way, something she proved in 2011 by winning the French Open, this was her first and only Grand Slam title.

8. Petra Kvitova, an interesting player as well, but things didn’t go as good last year as they did the year prior to that , but still an OK season for her where her highlight came in 2011 winning the Wimbledon tournament. Kvitova is a very offensive minded player who focuses a lot on pure power.
Reached the semi-finals here in Australian Open last year, where she lost for Sharapova.
This is without a doubt a player that can go far, and if things are going her way she definitely has the level of play to beat any other player here.

9 Samantha Stosur is one of, if not the most fit player on the tour. Stosur is the Australians hope on home court, but time after time have Stosur let them down early in the tourney and never gone past the fourth round, which is surprising. Stosur just doesn’t get things to go right playing at home here.
Stosur have the rawness to beat anyone on a good day, but her problem is when things doesn’t go her way it can go from bad to worse quite fast.  But a player that can go far if she can avoid this.
Stosur was knocked out by the Swedish Arvidson in the first round of the first tourney of the year, in Brisbane, but this is a player that can get things together and go far with the level of play she can be capable of.

10. Caroline Wozniacki is a big disappointment of the world’s best, where she didn’t deserve to be number one in the world, when not being able to win the bigger tournaments, but instead focuses on playing lots and lots of other tournaments which gained her the number one spot in the end. Everyone has their own thoughts and meaning about this, but this is mine.
Wozniacki has won two titles during the year, but it was still a weak season for her if compared with other seasons. The Danish girl fell several spots on the rankings, and have disappointed in Grand Slams, being knocked out in the first round in two out of four of the big tourneys.
A player that can show us great play at her best, but going far her in the Australian Open I seriously doubt. Not exactly a good sign she also got knocked out early in the tourney in Brisbane prior to this Australian Open.

The biggest favorite

Serena Williams had a very promising season and as already mentioned she is in her own class. Of course she could have a bad day which could cost her the title, but if she maintains her level of play we know she has, and then she will be very hard to beat. Still I feel 2.50 in odds is a little too low for me to bet on the women’s side, where things can vary too much, even though Serena is one of the more stable women players.

The biggest challenger:
 Victoria Azarenka won this tournament last year and we should of course not write her off to defend her title. Azarenka has the level of play to beat players like Serena Williams, but she will need to play like she did in the US Open final where she played very aggressively, with a good serve at times, and put pressure on Williams in the defensive work. An exciting player, and odds around 5 to win this tournament .


The biggest outsider:

Samantha Stosur has as already mentioned disappointed more than not when playing at home, showing nervousness in her play when having to play good in front of the home crowd. Stosur can on a good day beat most of the other players, as she has in the past shown us. If she hits her comfort zone and find her flow of play in attack she can be deadly dangerous. This is a player who’s being underrated, but perhaps not surprising considering her past history here, but we shouldn’t forget she does have a Grand Slam title in her past, something most players never achieve.
Even though Stosur is lacking form over time I’m still tempted by the odds on her to go all the way at around 35 because she does have the potential to go the way, but keeping the stakes low here because of her lack of form over long time.

Good Luck with your bet’s under the Australian Open and keep following us for more tips that are going to be posted under the Australian Open.


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