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Football accumulator tips

By howtobet on January 26, 2012 in Football, Sports

One of the most important things we can deliver to you is football accumulator tips. Some of you reading this probably will be tearing your hair right now and screaming at the screen. Yes, we know; most professionals laugh at accumulators. We would normally not consider betting accumulators ourselves either. However, accumulators is not something we take lightly over here.

Football accumulator tips for the leisure punter

As we have stated in numerous soccer betting articles; we are totally okay with people wanting to be add excitement and entertainment to their football sessions in front of the TV. Betting really increases the entertainment factor, you don't have to be a rocket scientist or Sigmund Freud to understand that. If you haven't tried online betting yet, get a bet on. You'll know what we mean rather quickly. Also; after many years working as risk managers we know betting singles is too boring for most of you. That said; it does not mean that you have to put any random game on your ticket. You don't have to hand your hard earned money over to the bookmakers as quickly as you can. Read on, your beer and fun budget will thank you. Our goal is to give you, the leisure punter more money in your pocket and let you feel the thrill of winning slightly more often. Therefore, football accumulator tips is something we focus on, for this exact target audience. Consider yourself lucky if you are in this target audience. You are about to save money.

How can save punters money with football accumulator tips?

In order to provide the best football accumulator tips we carefully select the best bets like we always do. Just take a look at our bet tips section or read our plentiful article series on betting. You will realize what we are talking about. We go through a long check list before we give the greenest of lights.  We only select outcomes that we think have a positive expectation.

We try to have football predictions for today, the weekend or whenever you please readily available. Again, we know if you are a leisure punter you want to get your bet on when YOU want, and we accomodate that. Of course this means we can't always have positive expectation on our side, but at the very least you won't be handing in tickets that makes the lotto look like a better option.

If we do our job you will not find football accumulator tips at that represents huge downside. Over a lot of bets we hope this will at the very least give you more entertainment per dollar, euro or pound that you put on the line, compared to what you made before you found us. Perhaps if you add a lot of dicipline to the mix, it can even be profitable. However, let's be realistic; if you bet for entertainment, don't expect to win in the long run. Do expect to be close to even though. From experience, we know that for most of you this is a giant step forward and means a lot of money saved on an annual basis. Every little edge counts.


We hope you have been entertained and enlightened. Feel free to follow us on your favorite social media site. Share our content with your friends. If you run a website, link to us. Most importantly, do check in again as we release content frequently.

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