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Football predictions for today

By Ronny on January 26, 2012 in Football, Sports

Football predictions for today and pretty much every other day is what we live and breathe for here at Why? Doesn't that mean we miss out on all the fun? Won't the odds on the really juicy pieces of betting bacon have changed a lot already? So what, there will be plenty of football predictions for today that you can still have a go at. Just because you have to let a few ones go doesn't mean you can't profit from your betting. It actually just shows that you are a serious investor type, looking for a good return without taking additional risk. You know your weaknesses information wise, and as a result of that step aside unless you have reliable, good information. Iit is very hard to stay on top of the information flow unless you have inside connections in football clubs or spend huge money on information networks.

Where to find the best football predictions for today?

One good  way of scanning football predictions for today is to visit our bet tips section. Our team of industry insiders and professional sports bettors also provide you with lots of daily predictions, or weekend football tips if you prefer to have every bet done and dusted before it's time to put the legs up on the table with a cold one in your hand or spend time with your better half, and or any kids. We do a lot of research, and if you have read our many articles we trust you know we have a thing or two to say about providing profitable football tips. Have a look at our predictions and betting tips found here.

Why we often wait to the last moment before recommending a sportsbet?

Because, on the last day of betting a lot of information is available so you can take much more calculated risk. Information about injuries will be readily available. Those who have followed us a while know we like to await the lineups of the teams in order to follow through on our football predictions for today. This way we can deliver football tips that are relatively accurate. Of course, managers and clubs keep the cards close to their chests so we nor anyone else are correct all the time, but overall by waiting to the last day we get it right more often than not. By waiting to the teamsheets are out, obviously we can't miss. We are aware that any big changes in the lineups, compared to the strongest one that the team being analyzed can field may throw us a curve ball from cognitive psychology, namely; narrow framing. However, we know how to bet and our football tips are more advanced than that.

By waiting we could also observe how money flowed on the given event on the betting exchanges. This way we can see where the smart money is at. Obviously, if a game in the dutch top football division has three times its normal turnover on a friday we know something is going on. If the odds are still good, and our information is validated, yes we'll have a go.

Does this mean wait with betting analysis until one hour before kickoff?

That is of course not the case. We follow the market 24-7, we analyze the various possibilities. Always looking for an edge in our soccer betting.  We do however, compare the actual line ups of our most promising bets to the information that we previously held. If our information is validated we trust our analysis. If our information is wrong in a negative way we throw the bet in the dustbin. If the teamsheets give even more positive points to our analysis we'll consider having a go with slightly more money backing our prediction.

We hope you enjoyed this little piece on football predictions. If you did, please share it with your friends and follow us on your favorite social media site. We have plenty more articles like this one, so be sure to check on us frequently. Also, our bet tips section awaits with a lot of well analyzed and potentially profitable football predictions.

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