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Hockey betting: World Championship introduction

By howtobet on April 28, 2012 in Betting Guide, Hockey, Ice Hockey, Sports

All hockey betting enthusiasts can look forward to high paced action as the World Championship is soon to get underway. The fun begins on May 4th, and lasts until the 20th. In other words, we are in for plenty hockey betting treats. The championship is co-arranged by Finland and Sweden. The two cities selected to host the games are Helsinki and Stockholm. As both nations have proud hockey traditions and plenty of fans following the sport, this should be a great tournament.

New format

If you are planning on some hockey betting you need to be aware that the tournament will this time around consist of only two groups. Each group will consist of eight teams. The top four teams in each group will advance to the quarter finals, the group jumbos will be relegated to the increasingly competitive Division I. Unlike previous years; teams placing below the quarter final level will not take any further part in the tournament. One important note: Quarter finals will be played between the remaining four within their respective group. All semi-finals and medal games will be hosted in Helsinki.

Group A

In this group we find hosts Finland. Also gold favorite with the bookmakers, Canada are in this group. Maybe contenders: USA and Slovakia is in. Belarus, Switzerland, France and Kazakhstan are also in on the party.

Group B

Russia and Sweden are on paper the two best teams of the group being played in Stockholm. The Czech Republic is in the mix as well. Improving Germany are in. Latvia, Denmark, Norway and Italy are there too.

World cup hockey odds

No surprises here. Canada is generally considered narrow favorites. Odds on Canada is pretty much scattered around 2.90 to 3.80. Russia, Sweden and Finland are lurking just behind around 4.00 to 4.50. The Czech Republic is trailing behind this group at around 6.5-8.5. These are in our opinion the clear favorites to take home the title. USA, Slovakia, Germany and Switzerland are as usual outsiders, and depending on squad depth and luck they can go far. Read our previews to get information on the value available.

Final notes

The new format will be interesting, and should do this huge sport event good. The level of play will as usual be high, with fast and furious being key words. Obviously the Nordic countries will be looking to perform well with tremendous home support. Canada and Russia are by far and large more than good enough to upset the Nordic party, but with the NHL underway and motivation perhaps questionable an epic final between Sweden and Finland looks more than possible in this setting given the strength of their home leagues. No matter what; this will be fun fun fun.

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