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Basketball betting - what bookmaker to choose

By howtobet on March 6, 2012 in Basketball, Betting Guide, Sports

The NBA and other basketball leagues are both a very large market for sports bettors. For the North American punters as the football seasons wind down sports gamblers change their focus and turn over their money in basketball betting instead. Europeans, South Americans, Africans and Asians in general are not so much onto basketball yet, but the number of bets coming in from these markets as well is growing season after season. With growing popularity for domestic leagues as well as for instance the Euro League basketball betting is one to look out for. This leads us to the scope of this article; what bookmaker to choose for basketball betting.

Odds and lines

When looking for a good bookmaker for betting on NBA games you really can’t go wrong with any of them, provided of course the basketball betting lines (odds) are competitive. For the most part the big books that have been around for a long time are well balanced with regard to NBA betting options. For the smaller leagues in say Europe, you may have to shop around more, as the vig will vary greatly between the various books. We suggest you use our sportsbook review section as a starting point when looking for the best prices available.

Basketball pre game betting markets

The differences in pre game betting markets may seem small and perhaps not so important to many of you. However, for those truly interested in finding value and exploiting it for profit, the more markets the merrier. Just think about it; the more betting options you have, the more potential bets are there for the taking.

Some bookmakers just focus on game wagering while those really attracting action offer various player prop bets. Yet others offer a wide range of specials and fun bets. It really is down to your pre-game preference. If you only want to bet on the standard stuff, who are we to say you shouldn’t. If you are slightly more into basketball or want to have a wide selection of available odds, go for a bookmaker that offers you this. If you go with say Bet365 you can’t go too wrong. They offer a wide range of bets and a wide range of basketball leagues to bet on. Also, in our sportsbook reviews we keep you updated on who does what. Refer to this section when you are on a bookmaker scouting mission. It will save you time.

Live betting

For me, I like the live betting feature. Quite a lot of sites offer basketball betting in-play these days. However, Bet365 stand out as a top live betting performer. You find betting markets most other bookmakers don't have, and you can bet on lots of different leagues from all over the world. As if that wasn't enough; the lines (odds) are really competitive by any standards.

Some bookmakers such as Bet365 will offer you live streaming of baskettball betting events. This is obviously a fantastic way to enjoy both live betting thrills and high paced basketball action at the same time. You may not find NBA in the mix of games to be streamed live (at least not at the time of writing), but there are plenty of European and Asian games available.

For wagering on the NBA and other basketball leagues live betting is good for making extra money. Basketball is a game that you can gain a lot of information on both teams in-game. Live betting provides you an opportunity to review and compare your handicap notes (that you should have done pre-game, or found in our betting tips section). For a basic primer on basketball betting, read our basketball betting beginner guide.

Example of basketball live betting moneymaker

If a team statistically is poor in transition and say struggles on the boards and you see they are being dominated early on, changes are they are going to be dominated all game long, or at least for very big parts of it. Throwing in some live bets when you catch on to some of these situations can make you some decent cash in the long run.

Mobile betting

More and more bookmakers are moving onto mobile betting platforms. Either done in-house or bought from third party suppliers. As we get more and more mobile dependent it was only a matter of time before betting also would find a successful entry point onto this platform.

Especially live betting lends itself well to mobile and tablet platforms as you can sit at the pub or at your friend’s house enjoying the basketball game and the beer without carrying that laptop with you all the time.

Mobile betting is for now usually found with the main players in the market only. We suggest you try out Bet365 and their mobile betting platform just to get a sense of what is to come. Their platform is state of the art, and you can navigate your basketball bets with ease on your Iphone or android based phone.

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