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Jurgen Klopp to Liverpool? Odds says fifty fifty!

Brendan Rodgers has hit a brick wall of media hatred after going down 6-1 at the Britannia. Liverpool fans around the globe has joined in on the tirade, and the commentary fields are full of BR out now messages.

A quick look at the bookie odds reveal that Jurgen Klopp now is a 2.00 (1/1) favorite with Bet Victor (fairly informed bookmaker) to become the next LFC manager.

Klopp is said to be a secret fan of Liverpool, and he is obviously available in the market after leaving Dortmund after a remarkable period there.

Paddy Power still offers 3.00 (2/1) on Klopp, and I think at this point in time that represent value.

If you think Klopp will join the Kop, click here to get 2/1 while it lasts

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