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Friday night European Championship qualifiers

By Ronny on September 4, 2015 in Football, Sports

There are still several European Championship qualification matches to bet on tonight, and below we are giving you a short preview of two of them. And remember, you should alway check our predictions page for all the latest bet recommendations!

Denmark vs Albania

Group I is very interesting, with only two points separating the top three teams. Portugal is leading the group with 12 points, and Denmark and Albania both have 10 points (Albania with one less match played).

The important Tottenham player Christian Eriksen will not be available for Denmark in tonight’s match. This should normally weaken the team, but Denmark has some good offensive players, and we are not sure how important Eriksen’s absence will be in this match where most likely they will be on the attack and have the possession against a compact and defensive Albanian team. Some other players are also unavailable, such as left backs Boilesen (Ajax) and Poulsen (PSV).

Albania was awarded three points following the scandalous away match to Serbia. They are cynical in defence and have the ability to counter from defence to attack quickly, a strategy that worked well when they beat Portugal 1-0.

We expect Albania will let the Danish team keep possession and go for the counter attacks. Considering that they are equal on points with Denmark and has one match more to play, they are probably happy with a draw tonight. Their performance so far in the qualification and training matches suggests that a bet on Albania +0.75 at odds 19/20 (1.95) with Bet365 is a decent bet. Another alternative is to watch the match live, that way you can wait some minutes – if Denmark do not score early then you will still get a good price five minutes into the match.

Germany vs Poland

This match is between the current top two teams of group B, Germany has 4-1-1 and is one point behind Poland. Maybe it is, psychologically speaking, to be expected for Germany to have a slight form loss, after all they did peak by winning the World Cup. But they seem to be back on the right track, beating Gibraltar 7-0. Some players will not be in the squad, such as Badstuber, Hoewedes, Bender, Khedira and Gomez, but the German squad is strong and other players can replace these.

Poland has performed very well so far in this qualification group, with 4-2-0 and impressive 20-3 in goal difference. They beat Germany 2-0 at home, a match where Germany had the most possession and enough chances to score. But Poland was solid in defence and good at counter attacks. They have several good players, but if you should mention just one player then Lewandowski is the man as he does not require many opportunities before scoring.

This match could very well be a replay of the previous match between the teams, as we expect Germany will keep possession and create many chances. If they , on top of this, finish well, then things could get ugly really quickly for Poland. But at the same time, Poland has some strong defensive players such as Glik (Torino), Pisczek (Dortmund) and Krychowiak (Sevilla), and they have good goal keepers. Plus they have the previously mentioned Lewandowski on top.

Poland will probably stay deep and defend themselves in this match, but we still believe there could be plenty of goals, as there are so many good offensive players on the field. One bet you should consider is the both teams to score, if you agree then BoyleSports has the attractive odds of 10/11 (1.91).

You should also consider watching the match live. By watching the match live you can get lots of information just within the first 10 minutes of the match, for instance you can see to what extent Poland is going for the counter attacks. If they seem very eager to counter, then consider a total goals bet, for instance you could expect to get over 2 goals at odds around 1.90 to 2.00 (provided no players has been sent off and it is still 0-0).

For watching matches live and in-running betting, we recommend BET365. Not only is their live betting product among the best in the industry, but you can also watch a live stream of most football matches – an excellent opportunity to sign up and get their 100% deposit bonus!




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