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Leicester v Aston Villa preview

By admin-alf on September 13, 2015 in Football, Sports

Leicester has impressed us so far this season, eight points in four matches is a strong achievement for the team. They won the first two matches, but then played 1-1 against both Tottenham and Bournemouth. Leicester has looked quite good in offence, and there is no doubt Ranieri has improved the team. The winger Mahrez has gotten most of the attention though, quite understandably as he has scored four goals in four matches (though in the last match he did not play that well and was substituted at halftime). With other offensive players like Vardy, Albrighton and Okazaki things are looking good. Plus they have a solid goalie in Kasper Schmeichel and an experienced central defender Robert Huth. It is probably their defence that is lacking a bit and might be their biggest problem, and we are not conviced that it is good enough to merit a top 10 placement at the end of the season.

Aston Villa has earned four points in four matches, and has a goal difference of 4-5. They did beat Bournemouth in the season opener, but since then they have lost by a goal to Manchester United and Crystal Palace and tied 2-2 in last match at home to Sunderland. They have been close to getting better results, and in the last match coach Sherwood got injured attempting to kick a bottle in frustration.

Aston Villa has signed several new and good players in the latest transfer window, and they have looked solid on the pitch. But it is still clear that they are missing Benteke, a player that could convert their chances better.

Tim Sherwood is undoubtedly a positive influence on the club, and he could be the coach that can pull the club up from mediocrity. But unfortunately for him and the fans, the club is still struggling a bit with injuries. Grealish, Gueye and Traore are all doubtful, and according to Sherwood it is Grealish that is the closest to being in the starting XI. The new signing Lescott will probably be on the bench, as Richards and Clark have looked solid in defence lately.

Leicester is the natural favourite at home, but the odds have been played down so much that we do not recommend a bet on the home win. Considering the solid defence of Aston Villa, we are more interesting in the Aston Villa +0.75 at odds 8/9 (1.89) on offer by BetVictor. That way you get paid if Aston Villa wins or draws the match, and half the stake back if they lose by one goal.


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