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French Open betting preview - Women's tournament

By howtobet on May 25, 2012 in Sports, Tennis, Tennis

In this French Open betting preview we take a look at this year's women's tournament, so continue reading to get all the necessary info on the top ranked players and the potential outsiders. We covered the men's tournament in the last article, you can read it here if you have not done so already.

French Open betting preview - Top 10 WTA ranked players

Victoria Azarenka  (1)

Azarenka has had a fantastic year so far and for instance won the Australian Open. She appeared almost unbeatable at the start of the season, but the losses began to appear on the clay surfaces in recent weeks. Azarenka is not a bad clay court player, but she has certainly performed her best play on hard court. Her best French Open tournaments were 2011 and 2009 when she reached the quarterfinals.

Maria Sharapova (2)

The Russian Sharapova has had a glorious past few weeks and in our opinion is one of the big favorites in this year's French Open. She won the last 2 out of 3 tournaments on clay, and Sharapova seems far more experienced and calmer than previously when her father Yuri was with her. Overall she has had many good tournaments in the French Open, including two semi-finals, and could this be the year she is able to take the step towards a final?

Agnieszka Radwanska (3)

Radwanska is in many ways a good player, defensively seen one of the best, but that is no longer enough to win the biggest tournaments. Just look at C. Wozniacki, who has won several small tournaments, but never one of the major ones, the reason being that she played far too little aggressive tennis and got too weak against the best players. Radwanska is a bit of the same type of player and does not quite make it against the best - we belive this will probably be a problem this year as well.

Petra Kvitova (4)

Kvitova is perhaps not the type of player that enjoys playing on clay,  as you can see from her results. She is far better on faster surfaces, as her style of play fits much better with grass and hard court surfaces. Her best result in the French Open is the fourth round , and we do not think she could go all the way in this year's French Open.

Serena Williams (5)

Serena Williams is finally back after struggling with some injuries. She has done well in the last few weeks, won the tournament in Madrid and was in the semi-finals in Rome. Williams is a player with a lot of routine and experience, and she won the French Open back in 2002, but since then only has quarter-finals and a semi-final to show for.

Samantha Stosur (6)

Samantha Stosur was in the French Open final in 2010, where she lost to F. Schiavone. Stosur has played many great tournaments after she decided to become a single player, and she was among the best doubles players in the world earlier. She has had a very good clay season so far, but is far from where she should be if she wants to win this year's tournament in Paris. Yet, she is an exciting player who can suddenly play fantastic tennis, and was runner-up in 2010 and in the semifinal in 2009.

Li Na ( 7)

Chinese Li Na is a very exciting player who won the French Open last year, her first Grand Slam victory. Li Na can play on every court surface, and can get to the top again if she plays at her best.

Marion Bartoli (8)

The French public's hope Marion Bartoli was in the semifinals last year, but has been very weak so far this season. The somewhat unorthodox French girl has been very weak on clay court this season, she has played three tournaments in recent weeks and lost in the first and second round in all of them. This is not good for her confidence before this tournament, and she is a player that could lose early on in the tournament to a normally weaker player.

Caroline Wozniacki (9)

The Danish Wozniacki has fallen on the ranking and was ranked No. 1 a while ago. Wozniacki has changed coach, but this has not helped her along the way. She has received much criticism for her defensive play, and has become more aggressive with time - but so far has yet to win a Grand Slam title.

Angelique Kerber (10)

Kerber has grown as a player this season, and has entered the top 10 rankings already. She has had a very good year so far, and as a player she can run up a lot of difficult balls in addition to attacking the ball. We have not seen everything there is to see from her yet, she is an exciting player that just gets better and better. We believe she could surprise some of the best players if she gets through to the third or fourth round.

French Open betting preview - our picks

Maria Sharapova to win the tournament gives us 8 times the money, which we belive to be a good choice. Maria is in shape and shows a stability that we believe can result in her going all the way in the tournament.

If we should pick an outsider it is difficult to choose who, as it is usually very open on the ladies side (compared to the men's). Francesca Schiavone always plays well in Paris, she won in 2010 and was in the finals last year, so you never know with this Italian girl. We also like the odds on C. Wozniacki, you can back her at around 40,00 @ betfair, and could possibly lay her again if she gets to a quarterfinal or semifinal.

We feel the women's tournament is quite open and difficult to predict, you may want to try out some outsiders as you never quite know with the WTA Tour. It should anyway provide us with many hours of great entertaining tennis. We hope you have enjoyed our French Open betting preview, and wish you good luck with your betting!

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